Simple and Easy Way to Prevent Virus Get into The Computer System

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In this article I am talking about how an antivirus program will be required to protect your system from virus attack, how to prevent virus attack by updating virus definition file, and what the consequences if you have to rebuild your computer system from the scratch (re-formatted).

How to prevent virus attack

We are all scared about virus which can damage our pc system, actually there is an easy way to prevent this to happen and it is simple. You just need to make sure your antivirus definition file always updated.

If your computer always connected to the internet it is a matter of time that your computer will need to be refreshed by re-formatting all the system. If you worry about your emails and you are accessing it via webmail, do not worry. Your emails still safe in the server.

Prevent Virus Get Into The Computer System

How to safe data if we have to re-format computer after infected by virus

How about your data, spreadsheet and images? If you are connected to the internet, use any cloud service so that you can access it everywhere, even if your computer all erased, your data safely keep in the cloud.

Cloud services that widely used by people are:


Free version gives you 2 GB of space, when you referring someone to use dropbox via special link, you will get another 250MB space for free. Dropbox also provides paid service which have bigger capacity and can be used for collaboration. I have 6.3 GB just from referring to my friends. Visit
I personally use dropbox a lot to save my important document.

Google Drive from Google

Provides 15GB of spaces. If you need more storage you can paid monthly starting from 1.99 for 100GB up to 299.99 for 30 TB.  To upgrade visit

OneDrive from Microsoft

Free plan 5GB, if you need more space 50GB for 1.99 per month. Visit

How I use multiple cloud to save important data

For very important document I make 3 copies on different cloud beside the one on the computer, so if one server inaccessible for any reason I still have 2 copies in the cloud.

How to manage Multiple cloud account?

Often we need to exchange data among cloud storage, the conventional way is to download it to PC first, then upload it to the other cloud, this is not practical. The easier way is to exchange the data via web, but we cannot move it directly.

store important data on cloud - Prevent Virus Get Into The Computer System

We need other services like where we can exchange files among cloud services from one console. In a month they give you 10 TB data transfer, seems big but If you often using it in short time you going to need more.

Most of us did not realize if there is a virus in our system, especially if it Trojan virus. Trojan virus silently entering our system and doing nothing harmful until the Trojan owner trigger it. When that time comes you must be prepared the worst. Even Amazon and CNN experience Trojan virus attack and made their internet services down.

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If you want to secure your computer without installing antivirus is easy, do not connect to the internet, do not connect to computer network, do not exchange data via flash disk or external disk. Guaranteed it will safe forever, but who has computer like this.

The other way is to improve your computing behavior, if you browse only legit websites, only installing license software, and never exchange flash disk with other people, this is good your chance that your computer system will infected by virus is minimum.

In this modern day where everything need to be fast, almost every electronic device connected to the network or to the internet, thus it is hard to avoid data interchange with other system.

This is when an antivirus program needed. You must install antivirus program. When you buy an antivirus program. You will have access antivirus server to update your antivirus definition file.  Make sure it always updated as it contains virus that can be removed/cleaned.

Just like a magazine subscription, your antivirus subscription last for 1 year. You need to renew every year to make sure your antivirus program always updated. During 1 year not only virus definition that will be updated but the antivirus program itself usually changed to newer version with many advance featured.

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When your virus definition file out of date, your antivirus program will not aware when new virus entering the system. Updating virus definition system will need internet access, it usually automatically updates to the newest system when they found the newer system than the existing version.

When you choose antivirus program make sure it will not take your computer resource much. When taking too much resource it will slow down your computer system significantly.

If you can use your antivirus program license on several devices simultaneously it will be great. Last if you can get trial period for antivirus program you want to buy later, that will be excellent. You will exactly what you will get when you made the purchase.

To summary this article:

  • How to prevent computer system from virus infection
  • How to prevent virus get into your system
  • How to save your data if you need to format your computer
  • Using webmail service so that your email stay safe in the mail server
  • Using cloud to save your document files
  • Using cross multi cloud platform to exchange data among your cloud services
  • What antivirus program to choose for your system

Let us install antivirus program to protect our computer system.

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