Sharp LC-70SQ15U 70-inch Aquos Q+ LED TV Review

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Q+ Technology Produces Images and Pictures Better

 Sharp LC-70SQ15U 70-inch Aquos Q+ 1080p apparently gets so much appreciation from buyers and users. Most of them claimed that this smart TV met their satisfaction. Some even had to compare three products of different companies and brands, including this one from Sharp, and finally end up choosing this TV as the best one. A reviewer on one site even spoke that Sharp LC-70SQ15U was the first TV using 3-D system. It increases the value of this product and makes the look even more sophisticated. This Sharp TV offers the better picture than the prior products. There’s no need to worry to watch TV programs for hours as the depth and sharpness features won’t iritate your eyes.

Generally, Sharp LC-70SQ15U 70-inch Aquos Q+1080p comes in complete features and apps that offer convinience for users. It has LED backlight and 240Hz refresh rate. Its size depends on the two choice, using stand or not. If you love to pick up stand to support the TV, the size (W x H x D) changes to 62.6” x 37.1” x 3.6”, while without opting stand, the size can turn to 62.6” x 38.6” x 62.6”. Since it’s categorized as a smart TV, then has been equipped with 4 HDMI, 2 USB, PC input, RS-232C and MHL. HDMI feature allows you to connect TV with  electronic devices, such as computer, DVD player, cellphone and laptop (if you are going to make a presentation). You can play games, watch movies, see photo albums only in one device. USB feature also enables users to connect flash disk to this LED TV.

It’s so common that how the picture result is the key point why users finally come to his decision. As seen in previous paragraph, the picture of Sharp LC-70SQ15U 70-inch Aquos Q+1080p deserves a better achievement since it gives better output of high resolution, providing colors and depth in details. The quality is also not in doubt because it presents eight million to one dynamic contrast ratio. On the other hand, composed in a clever guidance that would lead user to combine streaming channels and satellite or cable makes this Sharp TV belongs to the smart one. Followed by advanced apps and full mobile control and access, this product is worth to be written down on your list.

We are sure that all of us have ever experienced the era of ray tube TV. The design is neither fascinating nor captivating. It has a flat or convex screen at the front and a tube at the back. It is so old school compared to what we have now, like Sharp LC-70SQ15U 70-inch Aquos Q+1080p. The TV is slimmer and light to lift and put or install anywhere you like. Its design succeeds to draw user’s attention with Wallpaper Mode when it’s switched off.

You’ve already known and understood what the TV looks like in general. But you keep wondering what is AQUOS Q+. Does it give a big, good impact to the TV? Q+ alone is the technology that plays a significant role in colors details. It serves to split subpixel into two parts, which then lead to 16 million subpixels that you see and watch on TV. It is also known as a feature that produces sharpness and clarity to the screen. Bluetooth feature makes your life easier as well. You do not need to turn on PC or laptop to see your files and documents. Just sit in front of the TV, switch on Bluetooth and you are ready to transfer stuffs to/from mobile phone. So what is you are looking for if there is already a smart TV with complete features and apps offered to you? This is the right time to make a choice.

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