Reset HP’s iLO Password and it’s IP Address Remotely, No Reboot Method

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Are you looking a way to get into HP’s iLO system but cannot find the iLO tag sticker because you access remotely?

Do you want to know what is the default password for you iLO system? iLO default password usually ILO following with server’s serial number and the username is Administrator. So the format is ILOSERIALNUMBERSERVER

But if you are already change the password and you can’t remember it, below script will reset password and reset IP address as well.

From command prompt go here:

C:\Program Files\HP\hponcfg\


HPONCFG.exe /f Administrator_reset_pw.xml /l log.txt > output.txt

Reset HP’s ILO Password

If succeed you will see similar text as below if you open output.txt file:

ilo command succeed - Reset HP’s ILO Password

After this you can login from internet explorer to on my case below with username Administrator and password YourPassw0rd



<LOGIN USER_LOGIN=”Administrator” PASSWORD=”boguspassword”>

<USER_INFO MODE=”write”>

<MOD_USER USER_LOGIN=”Administrator”>

<PASSWORD value=”YourPassw0rd”/>








<PRIM_DNS_SERVER value = “”/>






You can download above file here

Although we can access iLO remotely we still cannot use remote access because it require additional license. This is contrast with DELL that give the remote access facility for free at least on my PowerEdge R530 server.

ILO trial license:

HP offer trial license for 30 and 60 days, you can generate this key from their website but I found below trial license keys working fine on my server.

License Key for a 60 day Trial 34T6L-4C9PX-X8D9C-GYD26-8SQWM


License Key for a 30 day Trial iLO4 = 34T6L-4C9PX-X8D9C-GYD26-8SQWM


iLO is accessible from android phone using apps :

OK I hope this posting will help you in configuring iLO and reset their password and IP address if required, please share this article to make it more useful for others.



References for resetting iLO password and resetting IP address:

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