Redmi 4 Review – High Specs Smartphone with Low Price and Longer Battery Life

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I ordered online Redmi 4 form Lazada, the price is RP 1.528.500 or USD 115. I already use Redmi 2  all this time and found this phone from Xiaomi is good. I never found serious problem with my phone.

Actually I am still OK with Redmi 2 but, my wife need to replace her old Nokia C6 phone. So the plan is I will use the Redmi 4 and my wife use my Redmi 2 and her Lenovo tablet. Seems like I am the lucky person, but hey she has 2 mobile device, while I am only one with better specs, so we consider this is a fair split.
Redmi 4 released in November 2016 along with Redmi 4, Redmi 4a, Redmi 4 prime. Redmi 4a about the same specs with Redmi 4 only without fingerprint sensor and the battery is 3120 mAh.

Redmi 4 Low Price And Longer Battery Life

Why Choose Redmi 4

I always tried to find high specs smartphone with low budget but have a good quality. Xiaomi products has been proof to me that they meet my criteria, I have been using redmi 2 with no serious problem so far after more than 1 year usage. You may wondering why I was not bougt Redmi 4 Prime/Pro that has more RAM (3GB), more internal Memory (32GB), dual tone led Blitz and better processor.

Well no particular reason, with my current condition it will be better for me to buy Redmi 4.

Longer Battery Life (4000 mAh Li Po)

Battery life, if you concern about it then Redmi 4 is a good choice, it has 4100mAH battery, my Redmi 2 only have 2200mAH and last only one day so I hope with normal usage Redmi 4 will last for more than 1 day, 2 days will be enough for me.

While I love the battery capacity 4000 mAH Li Po, I don’t like the fact that the battery is not detachable. The problem with non removeable battery is sometime when your phone hang and pressing power button for a while doesn’t restart the phone this can be nightmare, we need to drain the battery first? Let me know how to handle this problem in the comment below. For the time being I hope will never face this problem or at least I have a way to fix this problem when face it.

4000 mAh battery capacity - Redmi 4 Low Price And Longer Battery Life

Octacore Processor

Octacore processor sound like double from quad core. Not exactly, Octa core is actually 2 quadcore processor, but instead of called dual quad core, which can sound confusing, vendors agree to called it Octa cores processor.
The performance is not automatically double from quad cores, instead it will using low powered quad core set to operate most phone operation. When advance task needed it will use other high power quad core sets. This will reduce power consumed by the smartphone.
Octa cores is not about doubling performance but it will surely save energy (battery life). The same battery power will have longer life with Octa core processor than with quad cores processor.

SIM size

Mini SIM size - Redmi 4 Low Price And Longer Battery Life

Redmi 4 using mini SIM card size, the container can hold up to 2 SIM cards or 1 SIM card + Micro SD card (up to 356GB).

Memory of Redmi 4

Redmi 4 has 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal memory. This is great for me. If you need to add micro SD card you can use sim 2 slot for micro SD card up to 256GB. If you need 3 GB RAM and 32 GB of internal memory, you can buy Redmi 4 Prime.

CPU RAM internal memory - Redmi 4 Low Price And Longer Battery Life

Infra Red

Redmi 4 come with infrared capability which we can use it for Television or Air Conditioner remote control. There are 20 remote control apps to be choose to control any device that receive infra red command, check out here.

However I am using Mi Remote app and it works great. When using other remote TV app I received a lot of ads before I can operate the program. If not using Mi Remote I will choose Anymote, it’s a great program as well.

infra red sensor - Redmi 4 Low Price And Longer Battery Life

Screen Size

Screen is 5 inch for Redmi 4, this is bigger than my Redmi 2 with only 4.7 inch screen. I hope I will get used to it, especially when I put in my pocket. The resolution is 720 x 1280 same with Redmi 2 but the density is lower than Redmi 2 (~296 vs ~312). This is make sense because the screen is bigger but the resolutions are the same.

Network Technology

According to GSMARENA Redmi 4/Prime does support GSM and CDMA/EVDO which Redmi 2 don’t. This is great because we have a good and cheap CDMA operator here, will be perfect if I match GSM and CDMA number in one phone. I never have phone that can use by GSM and CDMA at the same time. Check out Redmi 4 specs here. I


Front camera 5MP and back camera 13 MP, I already satisfied with Redmi 2 camera that has lower spec than this (2MP and 8 MP). The good think about having high resolution camera is when I need to take a picture of small picture in details, I always have a better result than using my own eyes, so this is great feature. Plus we have panorama camera which can make shoot 360 degree.

Finger print

Tired of key in PIN or pattern? With Redmi 4 you have another option, use your finger to unlock phone, thanks to finger print feature. This feature usually only exist with expensive smartphone, but in affordable Redmi 4 your expected features are built in.

fingerprint sensor - Redmi 4 Low Price And Longer Battery Life

To Setup fingerprint to unlock screen

Go to setting, scroll down, choose Lock Screen & Password, tap Screen lock & fingerprint.
You need to choose to setup pattern, PIN or password to unlock screen, after that it will ask you to touch the fingerprint sensor under your back camera several times until it read completely your fingerprint.
When complete it will allow you to unlock screen by touching the sensor, others can still unlock the screen by inputting pattern, PIN, or Password of your choice.

Power Supply/Adaptor

adaptor - Redmi 4 Low Price And Longer Battery Life

Adaptor can work in voltage ranges 100-240v 0.35A and output is 5volt 2A. Can be also attached to laptop’s USB port.

Where to buy Redmi4/Redmi4a or Redmi 4 Prime

You can buy Xiaomi Redmi 4 from online store like Lazada, Amazon, and others. Almost all my gadget bought online from various vendor and so far having no problem with them.

That’s my personal opinion of Redmi 4, I hope this review on Redmi 4 will give you better knowledge before you decide to replace your smartphone in 2017.

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