Printer Monarch 9855 Error 409

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Printer Monarch 9855 Error 409
Printer Monarch error 409

Printer Monarch 9855 error 409
We have printer labels from Avery Dennison Monarch 9855 that were printing before have suddenly stopped working with Error 409 with Memory full message.

I have tried to turn off and on printer, even unplug and plug the it but the problem still exist. I also tried to flush printer’s memory, but it still happen.

Finally after days trying to solved and my PC remote controlled by Paxar (Avery Dennison) support staff, and visited by local Paxar engineer below steps are the correct measures to solve the problem:
(1) first of all, you have to close PCMATE first because it is holding com 1
(2) Then go to “Control Panel” –> “System” –> “Device Manager” to reset com 1
(3) You can see com 1 here. right click “Com1” and select “disable”
(4) Then right click “Com1” again and select “enable”
(5) Com1 reset completed and you can run “Memory.bat” to allocate memory (this step is optional)
steps (1) – (4) are reseting the usb port in computer, seems some times this USB port not work, so need to rest it.

ps. Although the printer connected to USB, it still emulate as comm. Port
You will only see comm. Port when printer turn on. Create memory.bat and flashme.txt with content as below:

mode com1 115200,n,8,1
copy C:\flashme.txt com1


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