How I Opened emz File and What File is That?

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One day I received an email from a user ask me to open a file from her business partner. The file has emz extension. The name of file is image003.emz

What is emz file?

Emz is compressed form of emf file. Emf is newer version of WMF, windows metafile format.
To open emz file I need to extract the file first.

How I Opened Emz File

How to open file with extension emz:

1. Save attachment file on email into a folder
2. Extract using 7zip (7zip is an open source program similar to Winzip, 7zip is open source free program).
3. Add emf extension to the file. The file has no extension file after extraction.
4. Double click the file and Microsoft paint will open it, yes emf is image file.
This end up my very short posting about emz file, hope you like it.

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