Do We Need Antivirus for Android Smartphones?

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Do we need antivirus on Android – As android is now growing fast, more and more devices from smartphone, tablet and phablet all running android operating system.

Many applications created by various developer because Android is open source means everybody can develop good program or bad program, this situation increase risk of virus attack. Hackers see a crowd on Android users as a target.

They will create virus and malicious programs in any form. It can in the form of apk file that looks like a legit apps or silently get into the system undetected, after get in, it will attack Android system.

They also targeting site that have vulnerable on their system by injecting with malware or other malicious code so when android user visits that site, the device will get infected.

The owner of the website will not aware until they get report from their visitor or their hosting account get suspended by hosting provider company.


Antivirus For Android Smartphones

Is virus in android can infecting my computer system?

As long as your computer is not running android based operating system, your computer will not get infected from Android phones. I never see virus that infecting smartphone will also infect computer, on other way virus infecting your smartphone will not attack your PC system.

How is virus works in Android mobile devices?

Some virus in Android act as Trojan, it means they quietly get into the Android system seems like legit file or program so that antivirus program not identified it as a malicious program. After reside in the system it begun attack the system by launching nasty program that can damage your system.

In many occasion viruses can get into our system because we click the link from website or messages, after we click it installed a nasty program on or system. After that become nightmare for your smartphone, the program will drain your data package and your phone credit fast.

It also will run a program that will drain your battery fast. If you feel that your battery is empty so fast, there is a chance that your phone already infected by virus.

What damages can be caused by Android virus?

nasty android virus can make serious damage on the system - Antivirus For Android Smartphones

Some virus can make your smartphones hang, the other virus will consume your data package fast or eat phone’s credit. Battery drain fast can also be caused by virus, this virus type will send sensitive information from your smartphone, install unwanted apps and will make pop ups randomly that will drain your phone’s battery quickly.

This virus can spread quickly via Bluetooth, make sure your Bluetooth always off to prevent virus coming in unexpectedly and to prevent virus spread from your device is yours already got infected.

How to protect Android devices from Virus?

Although you have antivirus system in your android phone, it is highly recommended that you not open any link received from email or text messages especially from someone you did not know.

Sometime nasty program will pretend to be someone you know, if you find this situation always asking to the person who sent you the link before you open it. When you ask the person many time they did not sent the link, if so, just delete the email/test message and quickly check your android system from virus or other unwanted program.

How to clean the virus in Android if already infected?

There are 2 methods to clean virus on Android system
Safe mode, remove unwanted program/ unknown program from safe mode will not delete any data from your phone.

Safe mode like in window it is a mode where your third party program will not work in this condition so you can remove any program that identified as a virus /malware.

Factory reset, initiate factory reset procedure to get rid of any viruses, however doing this method will not only make the virus gone, it also will erase your data and program other than default programs from factory. Using this as last resort if safe method did not work.

If you have backup of your Android system, you can restore from the backup so you will not lose any information, remember only to restore the backup from last known good condition. If you think that the last working system is a week ago, then restore to the date maximum that date, or I prefer to restore before that date.

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What is the best antivirus for Android to choose?

best antivirus for android - Antivirus For Android Smartphones

Avira Antivirus Security for Android (Free)

Protect your devices like smart phone or tablet from malware, can help to find your stolen phone, Protect your sensitive data like phones or SMS content from theft, block unauthorized data from application.

As I explain on my previous post that this Avira Antivirus is light on using resources, safe your battery power. The beauty of this AV system is free, has 4 plus stars rating and downloaded more than 350,000 times, check here:

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Kaspersky Internet security for Android

(30 days trial after that 14.95 per year)
Check here:
Scan and remove virus, Trojan, malware and spyware form your phone or tablet, can block unwanted call or SMS, keep your sensitive data like SMS, call, and contact. Rating for this antivirus program is almost 5 stars and already downloaded more than 1, 350,000 times.

AVG Antivirus Free 2016

Scan apps, media files in realtime, locating your lost or stolen phone via Google maps, can lock and wipe your data if your phone got stolen, can end application that slow down your system.

Actively monitor battery usage storage and data package usage. This program has 4 plus stars rating and already downloaded by more than 4 million people around the world.

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From the download stats above we can know straight away which antivirus product is the best. I believe in number so I am personally use AVG to protect my Android devices and never had serious problem during using it.

I hope now you can answer your question, whether you need antivirus for android system or not, have a nice day 🙂

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