Moving Data From Old File Server HP HP DL320s to The New Machine Dell Poweredge R530

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1. Restore last Fridays’s backup of RANFP2 to RANFP3

On Saturday Night I started to restore files from Friday’s backup from tape backup, it took 7 hours to complete. Data restored size was 952 GB with job rate 2Gb/minute.

Moving Data From Old File Server

2. Re-copy to match with last user job on Saturday

Because we only have schedule backup Monday – Friday, we have to copy Saturday’s work separately. Some people are working overtime on Saturday, this is only took 18 minutes because only several people come in and create small amount of new data.
You might be asking why I am not created a backup job for Saturday only for this moving process. If I created a backup job on Saturday I don’t have enough time to restore, because backup process can took 12 hours, and restore about 7 hours.

3. Sharing the home folder

I have to sharing the root folder of data to everyone as contributor to make it accessible but I don’t have to recreate permission as it inherited from tape restore.

 4. Modified logon script on Domain Controller server

Because we make the path exactly the same except the server name, we only need to later server name on the logon script. This must be done domain administrator rights.

modify logon script - Moving Data From Old File Server

5. Modified home folder

Some user still using H: drive as their home folder we have to modified this to point to the new server. We are on the process of moving to Onedrive as home folder, so only some people need to be modified, below mine is already using one drive, so no home folder set on the profile.

change home folder - Moving Data From Old File Server

6. Activate File Server Resource Manager

We restrict executables files, audio files and movie files to be stored to file server to mitigate treat and to preserve hard disk space. This is done by activating File Server Resource Manager

activate file type screening - Moving Data From Old File Server

7. Activate shadow copy

Besides daily Backup we also activate shadow copy so user can have 5 previous version of file if they accidentally delete files/folders.

shadow copy - Moving Data From Old File Server

8. Re-create scheduled job

Because the old server is Windows 2003 and the new server is windows 2008 I cannot copy and paste schedule job using file explorer. I have to re-create all the job and schedule it as necessary. I also test running the task, after changing some setting finally all works good.

task scheduler - Moving Data From Old File Server

Monitoring usage after moving
We still monitor if someone still accessing the old server so we can take necessary modification. We don’t want to stop the netlogon service to stop people from accessing server.

monitoring user activity - Moving Data From Old File Server

Benefit after move to the new server:

We experience significance performance increase, when user open and read files. We also notice backup time to media server are much faster, before moving we need almost 12 hours to finish backup, now only 5 hours.
We still keep the old sever just to make sure everything is OK, we will decommission the server after 2 weeks. This post is to remind me what to do when moving data from one machine to another.

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