Mini Jambox by Jawbone Speaker Review

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Mini Jambox by Jawbone Speaker

Since you will not be bothered again with tangled cables, the popularity of wireless Bluetooth speaker is increasing as of late. One of the best wireless Bluetooth speaker is the Mini Jambox by Jawbone Speaker. Aside from being cable free or wireless, the Mini Jambox is small enough it can fit inside your pocket. The dimension of this speaker is only 6.61 inch x 1.65 inch x 5.43 inch with weigh only about 6 ounces. Very suitable to be brought on a journey or when you have to do some presentation that requires additional speaker. Check the specs and features of this wireless speaker below.

As I said before, the Mini Jambox is very small that you can put it in your pocket and bring it wherever you go. The wireless speaker is powered by a lithium ion battery that can last for up to ten hours on one full charged. The speaker produce a crystal clear sound, perfect to project the audio of movies, games, videos, or music you are watching or listening to. The speaker is connected to the player through a Bluetooth 4.0 connection. It is also equipped with built in speaker so that when you connect it to your phone, you can take calls through the speaker. You van also connect more than one Jambox through the Activate Multi Play, you can also personalized your Mini Jambox through the Jawbone app on your phone.

Mini Jambox By Jawbone Speaker

Product Description

The size of this Mini Jambox is considered small, only about an inch longer than an iPhone but thicker, which is great since its is a wireless speaker. The case for this wireless speaker is sturdy and solid and it can take quite a beating. Meanwhile, the controls on the body of this wireless speaker is pretty basic. There are the volume controls, the on/off button, the pairing button, as well as the USH charging port and audio out port. As I said before, the Mini Jambox can be connected to another speaker through the configuration. Whenever they are in range, it will be connected automatically. This is the same with the player gadget that you have connected to the speaker before. You can also download the free app of Jawbone if you want additional controllers of the speaker or want to control it remotely. The price for this wireless speaker is 239 dollars on Amazon.

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