LG Electronics 70LB7100 70-inch 1080p Home 3D Cinema Review

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LG is a worldwide company that has launched and produced gadgets, mobile phones, types of televisions, refrigerators and many advanced products that make our life easier. LG knows well that entertainment is one of our relaxing keys when going home after working for hours in the office. Sitting together on a sofa with our family while we watch TV programs is another heaven coming to earth. We really enjoy the leisure time that rarely occurs recently. To meet our satisfaction and needs, LG tries a new innovation on LG Electronics 70LB7100 70-inch 1080p, a full HD screens of television that can produce up to 1080p resolution. The highest quality we probably can never meet in other products. This LG TV offers a new to enjoy the programs by providing 2D or 3D feature. Even it is equipped with Cinema 3D glasses like you’ve found in cinemas or theaters! Just imagine how happy your kids are wearing these glasses and watching cartoons in a new perspective.

LG Electronics 70LB7100 70-inch 1080p is a smart TV which is simple to use and maintain. The main advantages you will obtain here are webOS user interface, magic remote, ENERGY STAR, and easy ways to get through premium content. However, certain subscriptions and internet connection cannot be gained into the one and same package. Unfortunately, you need to purchase these two features separately. Pay attention to services and content as well since both of them can be changed without asking you first or giving further explanation.
Like other smart TV issued recently, LG Electronics 70LB7100 70-inch 1080p also comes with LED Backlighting. It serves to brighten up the picture so the result will be shown in wonderful colors, clarity and brightness. If we usually get blurred pictures when we are forced to watch TV at certain angles, then more likely this case never occurs once this kind of LG TV is already on our hands. With wider viewing angles features, there’s no blur images or pictures to watch and experience. Viewing range is also expanded.

LG Electronics 70LB7100
Games and sports programs often show high-fast pictures or images, and sometimes we experience the blur ones. For some people this situation is really disturbing and annoying. But don’t you need to worry, with Motion Clarity Index, those high-fast pictures can be decreased. As a result, you will watch sharp and vivid pictures. On another case, almost everyone loves to add some advanced and newest apps to their TV. This problem is solved with the existence of LG’s webOS. This is the place where you can get access through premium content in a convenient way, like YouTube, Hulu Plus, and Netflix. Here come your loved applications to appear on screen!
Have you ever found a TV with remote you can talk to? Don’t be surprised as LG Electronics 70LB7100 70-inch 1080p is equipped with Magic Remote that has the ability to recognize your voice in natural speech. This Magic Remote also comes along with options of the scroll of a wheel and point & click. The good news is with one Magic Remote, the power has been transferred into your hands. You now are able to manage all home entertainments you have. Lastly, there’ll always be an ease to connect, transfer and share moments you have experienced and lived from laptop to television. Like it or not, this LG TV is equipped with 3 HDMI 1.4, 4 USB 2.0, 1 RF, 1.
Overall, LG Electronics 70LB7100 70-inch 1080p gets nice reviews and four stars on average. Some said that they are satisfied with the performance and working system of this TV. It is good yet better if it comes with 4K. So now it’s your turn to make a choice!

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