JBL Portable Wireless Speaker Review

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JBL Portable Wireless Speaker

Another wireless Bluetooth speaker you can count on is the JBL Portable wireless speaker. The simply designed wireless speaker can be brought on journeys and you can also use it on presentations where additional speaker is needed. For some people, the 2.3 pounds weight of this speaker might be too heavy to carry around. Compared to some other wireless speaker, this portable speaker is sure heavier and you might not want to carry it around everywhere with you. However, with its very affordable price and is flexible power source, the JBL Portable wireless speaker is one you should consider buying.

  1. Product Details

The JBL brand name is known to always produce very affordable yet highly valuable electronic devices and one of them is this JBL Portable wireless speaker. The dimension of this portable speaker is 8 inch x 7.5 inch x 3.3 inch. This speaker is equipped with two full range drivers with built in bass port, Bluetooth wireless, connection, and 3.5 mm Aux Input. There is also the USB charging port and rechargeable battery that can play music up to twelve hours. This wireless speaker is also featured with built in LED indicator display. Aside from the rechargeable battery, you can also plug it in into an AC port when you are at home or want to use it for a very long time. The price for this wireless speaker is 169 dollars but Amazon give a discount of 38 percent, so you only have to pay 104 dollars.

JBL Portable Wireless Speaker

  1. User Review

Many users that have purchased the JBL Portable wireless speaker said that they are satisfied with their purchase and give a high rating for this item. Some of them even said that the money for value of this wireless speaker is even better compared to other wireless speaker that is very expensive such as Bose Soundlink. Even with the very affordable price, the sound produced by JBL Portable speaker is very good and when you turn on the music, the vocal is very clear. It is true that when turn it up to the highest volume, the JBL is not as high as the Bose speaker but not by much and the bass thump of JBL is not as hard as with Bose. All in all, if you are looking for a good wireless speaker and not paying three hundred dollars just for a speaker, then the JBL Portable wireless speaker should be your choice.

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