IoT – Internet of Things: A step towards greater integration!

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The phenomenal growth in technology and both technology related hardware and software has brought the future right to our doorstep, what can achieve today we couldn’t have imagined doing yesterday. Possibilities and ability to achieve are much closer to us than before.

However, if we judge the trend by which things have exceeded and grown, it is fair to say that technology is less about just being an element or product we use and more and more about our personal acceptability of adapting towards it.

It has more and more become about adaptability and less about the need factor – big giants in this case have turned their innovative patterns into what we may need. Keeping that in view and when all things are considered, to be fair technology is more than ever today about integration of various threads in which we lead our lives.

It’s just not about the niche things we do in life, but very quickly it has become about the routine tasks we perform and of course with more and more gadgets – it’s about how can we do them better and achieve not just more but also be better at doing those tasks as well.

No doubt about it, it’s at the center of all we do, think and act upon.
The Internet of Things (IoT), a relatively new phenomenon which has hit the mainstream recently is in this scenario has a lot to do with integrating the various gadgets and gizmos we have around us. In effect it makes our life simpler or at least is meant to.

More than ever or before it brings down barriers and makes it possible for us to connect with each other across lines and over the globe. Indeed, the world has become a smaller place to live at – now we just have to learn how to coexist with each other.

At that front IoT has proven itself even more, with applications which allow us to integrate functionality and usage a move forward today towards integration takes lesser time than it used in the past. Similarly considering the rate at which it is accelerating, IoT tends to form a bridge between us against the world as well.

Imagine you home being the hub from which you see the world, today more than ever with IoT it is possible to function from a single base. Your life online, on the go is constantly being recorded in order for technology to be of positive use and easier to grasp at the same time.

The Internet of Things (IoT), is in line with the great technological shifts of our times. It is designed or should we argue the ecosystem is in place to guarantee not only betterment in the way which we lead our lives but also can be instrumental in creating a more sustainable way of life – specifically now at a time where we face shortages more than ever of basic resources which we in the past took so much for granted.

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