Hubpages just sent me USD 50.48 via Paypal.

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I am excited when received email from Paypal tell me that hubpages just sent me USD 50. To my Paypal account. I never expected this because I only have 8 hubs and not many traffic to my hub except 1 hub about IBM server problem. I started writing on hubpages about 6 years ago. But now i seldom write because when you write on Hubpages you have to write long article (about 500 words or more) with pictures, tables, video, etc.
I am not always having time to write a good article, rather i love to write short article, that is why i create this blog, to write short but useful articles.
So if you have time to write long article you can write anything on hubpages and you too can receive money to your paypal.

Hubpages Just Sent Me USD 50.48
Hubpages sent money via Paypal
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