Finally, a Writing Compelling Headline Solution that Works

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Why we need to create an awesome headline/title for our email, blog, or landing page?

Because human only want to read (by clicking the title) an email, article, or blog post that interesting him. Even if our article is in the 8th position for example but if we have great headline, it will receive more click from visitor and search engine will put our article in the better position because he think our article is relevant to the query that inputted by a user.

writing compelling headline

Writing compelling tittle is hard

To create a good copy writing, a good landing page or a good email title is hard. We need to practice to write an article. For average people will it will need time to hone the skill to write a title that will received many clicks. If you see from following title which will received the most click? The answer is no 1. It challenge your curiosity compared to to no 2 it seem less exciting, no secret behind the article.

  1. What Is Making Money Online and How Does It Work?
  2. Making Money Online

Need intensive test to know which one is better

From millions of title on the internet you have to test one by one to find out which one is the winner headline. You will spend hours, maybe days of work to do this. Luckily now you don’t have to do that job, all you have to do is to find the perfect tool to do this tedious job.

Easy way to write compelling title without to test

There is a Firefox/Chrome add-on/extension, called headlinr that can help you to write great title, you just need to type main word and headlinr will suggest you with hundreds of variation that already proven to generate many clicks.

From hundreds of awesome headline of headlinr which one is the best?

Among hundreds of good headline available at your disposal there is one headline that works better, its not easy to choose the best from the best, you have to do split test to find out. If you don’t want to do split test, or you don’t have time you can use Winnr, this Winnr will give you the best headlines among the best, that will guarantee more conversion to your offer.

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