Excel Blank When Try to Open Email Attachment from Outlook – Excel 2013

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Have you experience excel blank when tried to open excel from email attachment? This problem make me crazy especially when it was happen to my bosses. They always push me hard to solved everything quickly and they don’t want to know the problems I am facing to solve the issue.

My boss’s laptop is i3 with 128GB SSD storage and 4GB RAM and running windows 7 with Office 365 pro plus (office 2013). He received email that cannot be opened by double clicking the attachment.

My colleague have more problem, he cannot open email directly by double clicking the file and cannot open excel files from email attachment.

We found solution for problems above in two steps:

  1. Quick repair office pro plus installation
  • Login as local administrator
  • Click Start, control panel, program and features
  • Highlight Microsoft office pro plus 365
  • Click change and choose Quick repair
Excel Blank When Try To Open Email Attachment
Quick repair office 365 installation

The process will take about minimum 10 minutes, depend on speed of your computer.

  1. Untick DDE options.

After quick repair finish your office 365 settings will back to default, make sure to untick DDE option. I also posting this DDE option here.

  • Open excel
  • Click File – options – make sure you untick Ignore other applications that use Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE)
untick DDE option - Excel Blank When Try To Open Email Attachment
Make sure to untick DDE option

You don’t need to restart the computer it will apply immediately

If you still having the problem, please refer to below:






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