How to Install Printer Driver 32 bit (Windows 7) on Server 64 bit (Windows Server 2012)

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How to Install Printer Driver 32 bit on Server 64 bit – We have just installed 2x new Domain Controller based on Windows server 2012 (64bit). One of this domain controller also served as a print server.

Our client are mix of Windows 7 32 bit and Windows 7 64 bit and they are need to print to the colour HP CP5225n printer. I installed the driver from the server and test print and share that printer with no problem. In tested installing from my laptop Windows 7 64bit and it works fine, I can install the driver and print with no problem. However other client when tried to install the printer from new server they cannot install the driver with following No driver found error.

How to Install Printer Driver 32 bit on Server 64 bit

I just realized that the printer not yet installed with 32 bit print driver, but when I tried to add additional printer driver from the server it always failed.

Later I found (after browsing and testing) that the correct way to install additional printer driver 32 bit on server 64 bit is from client computer. All steps below are doing from the client, no login required to the server.

1. Download newest universal driver from HP, I download HP Universal PCL 6 (32 bit) ver 6.2.0 from here. Please refer to your printer manufacturer website if your printer other than Hewlett Packard.

2. Make sure you are login with user that have admin right on the server from client 32 bit. On my case I have to login as domain administrator and logon from client computer with OS Win 7 32 bit. This step is very important, if you don’t do this you will fail at the end of steps.

3. From Client click Start, control panel, administrative tools, Print Management.

install 32 bit printer driver on 64 bit windows 7

4. Right click Print Servers and click add/Remove servers

5. Type the server name, click add to list button, then click OK

installing additional drivers for shared printers

6. After new print server added, expand on the new server name and right click Driver and click Add driver… Notice that no print driver 32 bit (x86) for HP Universal printing PCL6 shared on the picture below.
how to install additional drivers for printers in windows 7
7. Add printer driver wizard will appear, click next
configure advanced printer properties

8. Tick x86 option, on that window you should see that x64 already ticked, click next

choose x86 option

9. Choose HP Universal Printing PCL 6 (V6.20), click Have Disk… and browse to your extracted driver folder, it will install the driver and you will 2 option and you should choose HP Universal Printing PCL6 (v6.2.0), click next
HP universal printing PCL6

10. It will starting copying driver to server, this process can take about 10 minutes, it depend on how fast is your connection from client to server. On my case my client connected via 10bps VPN connection to the target server. If it asking to install x64 printer driver just cancel it because you already have that driver from the beginning.
Finish add driver wizard

11. When you see HP Universal Printing PCL6 (v6.2.0) installed and shared on the server you are done. Now your 32 bit client can automatically install the driver when try to connect to this server.

verify that printer driver correctly installed

OK this wrap up my posting How to Install Printer Driver 32 bit (Windows 7) on Server 64 bit (Windows Server 2012). If you having problem with printer cannot print because print spooler not working, you can check the posting here.

Let me know if you have any problem with this.

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