How to Delete Table or Database from CPANEL

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Sometimes our databases on CPANEL become cluttered after installing and removing WordPress or other CMS program from our hosting account. Other reason we might want to reduce backups size of our hosting account so that they can backup it every week. My hosting provider automatically backup my hosting account every week as long as the size is not more than 20 GB or the files no more than 100,000 inode (inode is a file system object in Linux OS, it can be a file or a folder). However do not rely on this backup, this will only use for emergency situation. You can backup your website using various ways, the one i am using are Backup Buddy and Duplicator plugin.

How To Delete Table Or Database
Your backup status on CPANEL


Deleting Tables from CPANEL

Deleting a table from a database sometimes needed if we decided not to use particular plugin that created a table when we installed that plugin and now we want to increase our website performance by reducing database size. We can delete (drop) table using phpMyAdmin from our CPANEL console. Be careful when try to delete a table on a database, make a backup first or you will regret after found your CMS will not work after this operation.

How to Delete database from CPANEL - How To Delete Table Or Database


Delete Tables from phpMyAdmin - How To Delete Table Or Database
Delete Tables from phpMyAdmin

1. Launch phpMyAdmin from CPANEL

2. Choose a database name on the left pane

3. On the right pane, check mark the tables you want to delete

4. Click with selected drop down and choose drop

5. You will be asked for confirmation, click YES and you are done.

Note that you can only delete tables from phpMyAdmin, if you want to delete database from phpMyAdmin you have to run a SQl query, or if you are not familiar with SQl query you can use MySQLDatabases as explained below.

Deleting Database from CPANEL

Deleting a database might needed when you feel you already have many unused database from your previous website that no longer exist.

mysqldatabases - How To Delete Table Or Database
My SQL Databases


how to delete database from MySQLdatabases - How To Delete Table Or Database
Delete a database from MySQLDatabases
delete database - How To Delete Table Or Database
Delete a database from MySQLDatabases


1. Launch MySQLDatabases from CPANEL

2. You will see all the databases you own from here.

3. On Actions, click delete icon

4. You will be asked for confirmation

5. Click Remove Database and you are finish

Hopefully you find this post is useful.

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