What is Augmented Reality(AR) and What is The Different with Virtual Reality(VR)

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What is Augmented Reality Technology

Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that add objects in real-word environment with animated, sound, information/text to the user view via various media like glasses, tablet screen, smartphone or computer. Other describe AR as hidden object in the real-word environment. We cannot see the AR objects without any of them.

Augmented reality in simple words for me is virtual object among real-world objects surroundings, that only can be seen by special device like, smartphone, special glasses (Google glass), and computers.

The object could be text/information, picture, sounds or movies. Like when we see a historical building, when see it thru AR glasses it will give is more information about the building.

Augmented reality already used in many sector, education, games, marketing, traveling and more. I Believe that this will be everywhere in the near future in our life.

Examples of Augmented Reality

Augment Reality example in games is Pokemon and Ingress both are produced by Niantic. Niantic is used to be Google’s start-up company but later separated since 2005. Pokemon is the most successful and popular AR game so far, Pokemon become top downloaded game in a week both in App Store and Google play.

If you watch Robocop movie, when he saw an object, then all details about the object are show up on his helmet/glasses. That is one of Augmented Reality implementation. On reality examples is Google Glass. With Google glass we can see more details information about object surrounding us.

Unfortunately, Google decided to stop the project but will keep developing and release it to public with new features.

Google glasses act as navigator (picture credit to techgyo.com)

Beside Google Glass there are at least 10 AR glasses at the moment:


The other example of augmented reality is cards for education. It could series of animals pictures, when we aim out smartphone camera to the cards with animal pictures, it will show up 3-dimension picture with sounds, we can slide the picture to see the animal from front, rear, sides and bottom view. This is very exciting for children and their parents. Children will love to learn from this instead from the book, because they can learn as well as play.

See the video below how your children can learn with fun with Animal 4D+ Augmented Reality Apps & Flashcards for Kids from Octagon Studio.

Download from Google play https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.OctagonStudio.Animal4DPlus&hl=en

Download from App Store https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/animal-4d+/id962983832?mt=8

What is the difference between augmented reality and virtual reality

If we are comparing between augmented reality and virtual reality, there are differences in the purpose of technology and application. Both technologies are use gear to be able to see it, but we cannot use virtual reality gear to see augmented reality and vice versa. VR gear usually quite big and not practical to bring along everywhere, while AR gear relatively small and everybody already have it (Smartphone or glasses that just like ordinary glasses).

What Is Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality(AR) image credit to scienceabc.com

Augmented Reality (AR) is combination between virtual object and real world object surrounding, they intersect and interact together. Virtual object including text, images or sound will pop-up after we see the object using the glasses or computer screen. AR can be seen via glasses, smartphones, computer and other mobile devices.

In contrast with Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality (VR) is where the scene is full of animation/virtual world generated by computer. Virtual reality mostly used in Games and simulation. VR will require user to use head mounted device or hand controller, so that user will immerse to the virtual world generated by computer.

Too long using VR gear can cause simulation sickness. It is highly recommended when using VR gear is under supervision.

Virtual Reality in games - What Is Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality(VR) image credit to scienceabc.com

Ok now I hope you can clearly see the difference between Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). Both are promising technology and we see it already in our life.

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