Apple iPod Touch 16GB 5th Generation of Black-Silver Review

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5th Generation of Black-Silver Apple iPod Touch 16GB

Apple iPod Touch 16GB has released in June 2013 as the 5th generation of Apple iPod products. With newest design and more advanced features, you will get the best gadget with lots benefits.

Product Description

After the 4th generation, Apple released the newest iPod products of 5th generation Apple iPod. You can listening to music, watching videos, playing games, sending message, browsing, and many more functional benefits only in Apple iPod products. The battery life can play songs for 40 hours and videos for 8 hours. The bigger capacity with 16GB can contain numerous songs, videos, or files. The Built-in Apps also provide you with lots of apps to entertain you.

Key Features

Amazing Design

The 5th generation of Apple iPod come with black (front) and silver (back) color which looks elegant and stylish in your hand. With super slim 6-mm design give you an easy to hold and bagged gadget.

4-inch Retina display

With 4 inch multi touch retina display, Apple iPod provide you more screen that looks stunning. Playing music, send messages, open websites, and playing games will be more entertaining with wider screen.

Dual-core Apple A5 chip

Compared with the previous generation (4th generation), Apple iPod with dual-core A5 chip has process speed twice faster and seven times faster graphics. Playing games will be more looking realistic.

Built-in Apps

Apple iPod has upgraded with built-in apps for more advanced use including:

  • You can send unlimited free messages using Wi-Fi through iMessage.
  • With 1.2MP front-facing FaceTime video call and 720p HD of video recording, you can see your friends look very clearly.
  • iOS 6 offers great applications inside like Siri, Passbook, Maps, Facebook Integration, and many more. You also can browse more than 700,000 apps and 100,000 games in App Store to complete your iPod.
  • Get a faster web browser with Safari and rich HTML Mail to send or check email.
  • many more
  • Apple EarPods

Using Apple EarPods, you can listen a high quality audio which has the equal quality with other hundred dollars headphones. It fits comfortably and keeps secure in your ear with all kinds of activity from only sitting down until high-impact workout.

Protection Plan

AppleCare Protection Plan gives you service and support coverage for your iPod for two years since the first purchasing date, include the accessories. If there is an accident with the products, the warranty gives technical support within 90 days. The warranty also covers the hardware service for one year from the date of purchase. The plan also includes the direct access to by-phone experts and website resources. You can also repair or get the replacement with genuine parts from the authorized technicians.

Optional Accessories

Complete your Apple iPod Touch 16GB with additional accessories include EarPods, lighting to USB cable, and lighting to 30-pin adapter.

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