Anycast M2 Plus Review, Amazing Things We Can Do with Miracast Dongle

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Today I am going to show you how we can use Miracast Dongle to send screen from smartphone/Tablet/laptop/Desktop PC to TV for various occasion. I am using Anycast M2 Plus dongle to share online streaming from mobile devices to the television.

Anycast M2 Plus Review

What is Anycast

Anycast is a networking term where a sender sends packets to one of nearest potential receiver. Anycast M2 Plus is a special device to project your mobile device or notebook to another big screen via WIFI connection.

Anycast for iOS system requirement according to it’s manual book

iOS 7 and above

All iPhone model after iPhone 4, all iPod model after iPad2, all iPod touch after iPod touch 4th generation

Resolution for iPhone 480*320 ~ 1136*640, resolution for iPad 1024*768 ~ 2048*1536

Storage at least 40MB free space

Anycast for Android system requirement according to it’s manual book

Android 4.2 model with 1GB RAM

Resolution WVGA~1080p

Storage at least 40 MB of free space

What is Miracast

Miracast is standard protocol to send screen from phone, tablet or laptop to TV wirelessly or we can consider as HDMI connection over WIFI based on anycast method.

I found many reason how this Miracast dongle will help us in many occasion as I tried below:

1. See what child’s watch on their tablet via Television

Monitoring what child play on their tablet, as today is common a child below 10 years watching Youtube online. By presenting what they are watching in the tablet to the larger TV screen, we can easily see what they’re watching without have to closely supervise them. This is great.

2. The whole family can watch streaming movie in the larger screen

See streaming movie from tablet to the larger screen. I have a LG smart TV, it can play Youtube and other popular website from TV. When I tried this function it was not practical, no keyboard and mouse on the TV, so it’s hard to control what we want to watch. When using Miracast dongle, we can see any website/movie from tablet and mirrored to the TV screen perfectly, I am using 32 inch LG smart TV and it’s perfect, the whole family can watch the movie in the large screen. This will not happen when watch on a tablet screen.

3. Make smartphone camera as a CCTV

As long as WIFI is in the range we can use our smartphone cameras as CCTV because everything captured in the camera’s smartphone will be displayed in the TV screen, I tried this and perfect. My son loved this feature because he can see everything he is doing in the TV. Of course I need to focus the smartphone to him.

4. Family photo album on TV

It is a lovely moment when we can watch family photo album on the large TV. We can memorize the moment together but this is hard to do when we display it from tablet screen only.

5. Sending presentation from PC

We can send pitch our presentation to our potential customer from a laptop or PC. By using WDI driver we can send anything on our PC to the large screen on TV.

Ok now let us see how we can connect our smartphone, tablet, laptop, and desktop PC to the big TV screen

Below are steps to connect from various device to the TV using Anycast M2 Plus dongle:

Miracast dongle - Anycast M2 Plus Review

Connect from Smartphone (Xiaomi Redmi 2 Android version 4.4.4)

Click setting>…More>Wireless display>Click your Miracast Dongle network
Using smartphone to send screen to TV will left 2 black display on the left and the right side. Only middle part that showing phone screen.

send phone screen to TV - Anycast M2 Plus Review


Connect from Android Tablet (Lenovo B-600HV Android version 4.4.2)

Click Setting>Display Scroll down select Cast screen

mirror display from tablet - Anycast M2 Plus Review
I can see full video and perfect audio on the TV display, I never thought the result will be this great.
You will see message “No nearby devices were found” on the screen. Do not worry, press … button and you will see your miracast receiver there.

Connect from laptop (HP Probook with Windows 7)

Unfortunately I cannot connect from my laptop to Miracast dongle. Intel already discontinue support to WIDI driver since October 15 2016.

I also tried to download from softpedia Intel Wireless Display Software for Windows 7/Windows 8, but it saying that my processor does not support miracast.

intel - Anycast M2 Plus Review's WIDI discontinue support

Connect from laptop (Dell Inspiron i3 with Windows 10)

Wireless display on Windows 8.1 and windows 10 should be working fine, both windows version natively supported WIDI capabilities.  See below.

connect to tv from windows 10 - Anycast M2 Plus Review


wirelessly connect from windows 10 to TV - Anycast M2 Plus Review


miracast dongle setting windows 10 - Anycast M2 Plus Review


miracast dongle installation - Anycast M2 Plus Review

TV requirement to receive Miracast

I am using TV LG 32 inch smart TV with HDMI and USB port. You don’t need smart TV but you need TV that has HDMI and USB port. HDMI to send video and audio from dongle to TV, USB port to power WIFI receiver that come with dongle.
Share your experience using any Miracast dongle with us on the comment below.

Anycast M2 Plus Firmware update

To update firmware to the newer version, you have to connect M2 plus dongle in DLNA mode. The dongle will detect and download the newer firmware automatically. To confirm update you have to press and hold the button until the screen on TV initiate firmware update.

Anycast M2 Plus firmware update - Anycast M2 Plus Review

Miracast dongle firmware update - Anycast M2 Plus Review

During update process you have to make sure no electrical power loss will occurred. If this happen will damage the Anycast dongle.

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