Antivirus Program for Mac, is it Necessary?

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Do I need antivirus program for Mac? If you are a Mac user, this question sometimes pops up in your mind.
There are some reasons why virus or malware in Mac relatively low compare to virus attack in windows.

The first is security of operating system, Mac OS considered more secure than Windows operating system, this is because Mac OS was build based on Unix OS. Unix has several security features build-in that come as standard. Apple also add some more security methods in their OS, so in the security terms Mac OS is far more secure.
Antivirus Program For Mac

Number of users, Mac users out of number from Windows users. This means the market in Windows more interesting for hackers to create virus or malware. Hackers objective are various when creating virus, some of them looking for popularity, the other financial reason, they trying to make money by creating virus, other goal is to steal our sensitive data, destroying our system and more.

Damages as result of Virus or Malware in Mac computers

There is a ransom ware type virus, this virus will encrypt user’s file. User will ask for decrypt code to open the file. The other is stealing transmitted data from public hotspot, there is a virus that can sniff and steal your transmitted data when you are using your Mac in public hotspot. Actually the security hole is in WIFI device where our Mac connected not in the Mac itself.

If you really concern about your data, use your own modem when traveling, don’t use public WIFI hotspot.Instead of using USB modem i suggest you to use portable WIFI so you do not have to plug anything to your computer. Just activate your WIFI you can browse internet safer than from using public WIFI. Disadvantage is you you need data package from local provider when you traveling.

The other alternative is by using VPN apps. By using VPN your connection encrypted to the VPN server and you will identified as coming from VPN’s IP address. The other advantages is you can pretend to be located in USA, so you can open entertainment portal that originally only for US based user. Using VPN apps is the best solution when browsing internet from public WIFI when you traveling. You do not need to worry about running out data package.

How to protect from virus in Mac

Your behavior when using Mac contribute the great part in preventing you from virus or malware. This is including: not installing non approved application on your computer. Not using illegal applications on your system, and avoid using public hotspot to prevent data stealing. The other option is to install antivirus software to mitigate virus attack possibility.

Installing Antivirus in Mac

antivirus for apple computer - Antivirus Program For Mac

Installing antivirus program in Mac OS is the same for other apps. If you are installing from the web after download it first follow below steps:
1. Click on the Finder icon at the bottom left of the screen.
2. Click download from left side
3. Double click file that you already download, the extension will be dmg, if you double click it will says error because it does not downloaded from App store. In this case, right click the file and click open.
4. Follow the onscreen instruction.
5. When mounted, it will appear under devices in the finder.After successfully installed you can uninstall dmg file by click eject button next to it’s name in the finder.

If you are installing from App store:
1. Click the price under application’s star rating, if it’s free you will see get button, click it.
2. Click the green install App, when prompted enter your Apple ID and password.

Uninstalling Antivirus in Mac

Uninstalling or removing antivirus program in Mac more difficult than removing other apps because antivirus program will somehow resist to the process, this is to prevent virus from removing them.

The summary is by stopping the antivirus application first, exit the program and uninstall it by dragging to the trash can. You may need administrative privilege when doing this.

Antivirus choices for Mac users:

Do not know what to choose when trying to find the perfect antivirus program for your Mac computer? There are some choices from big company that provides antivirus for Mac as well as for windows users, below are my favorite antivirus program for mac:

Free antivirus from Avira

Avira is the first providing free antivirus software for Mac, this Germany company origin already started combating virus since 1986. Their product widely known for it’s simplicity, free, light and powerful antivirus application. Their pro version starting from USD 31.99 per year subscription.

Sophos free Antivirus

Free version of Sophos now called Sophos Home, before they called it Free Mac AV. This free version of antivirus working good in Mac and Windows. The good thing about Sophos besides it’s free, you can use up to 10 devices. Mac book and windows computer at work, you can use the same software. Required minimum 1GB or RAM and 1GB of free disk space.


Free version of antivirus for Mac called Avast Free Mac Security, Avast also release Avast Secureline, this software will protect your content from being stolen in the middle of transmission. Details is this version will also work on Android.

Leave your decision to you, if you think that your behavior in using Mac is conservative you may not need antivirus, but to eliminate the possibility of attacked by virus or malware disregard your computing behavior, then go ahead install one of the antivirus program for Mac above.

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