How to Activate Dual Display Function on Polycom Real Presence Group 310

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I received a Polycom Real Presence Group 310 unit from our HO in UK to be installed in Jakarta office. The unit has already setup and I just need to change IP address Gateway address and DNS that ready to be deployed and tested. I changed the IP accordingly and pack it to be brought tomorrow.

After about 4 hours driving to Jakarta office I start to unpack and my estimation to finish at 14:00 after testing and train 2 people to operate the video conference unit. In the afternoon Jakarta traffic is bad so I hope can return home early.

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During testing I realized that the second monitor not displaying anything, just black. I start to looking accessories of the kit and found License paper for dual display function.

Following the guide to activate license is quite easy as below:

Activate Dual Display Function On Polycom

To obtain the key code for your product, you need to enable this feature:

  1. Record serial number of the received product
  2. Go to and use your email address and password to sign in. If you do not already have an account you need to create one.
  3. Choose licensing and product registration > Activation/upgrade. Then select All other Polycom Products” on the next pop up.
  4. Click site and single Activation/Upgrade. In the serial number field, enter your serial number and click Next. On the next page, enter the Polycom Software License liste above, and hit the Activate button.
  5. Download the key file to your computer.

To enter the key code to your product:

  1. On the computer open internet explorer 9.x
  2. Go to IP address of your system
  3. Select Admin Settings, General Settings, Software Updates and Start the software update process
  4. Enter the key in the box provided when prompted and click on the update button.

I follow the direction above and never work especially the “To enter the key code to your product:” no 3 and 4.

I have to option to solve this:

  1. Waiting our HO in UK in and asking to person who configured this before
  2. To contact Polycom Support to get help.

I choose to contact Polycom support because if waiting for UK office to open will be too late for me to return home.

I tried the number 1800… for my country but it didn’t get through. So I tried UK number because the unit was bought there. UK Polycom support give me the number to contact for Asia, 1 is Australian number and the other Singaporean number.

I manage to talk to Singaporean Polycom support and after several times still didn’t work he refer write down my email and phone number and told me that an engineer will contact me shortly.

While waiting for support engineer call me I found menu Admin Settings, General Settings, Options and I enter the key I got from the web and it works.

activate dual display license realpresence group 310 - Activate Dual Display Function On Polycom

I can make the second monitor working as it should be, what a relief.

About 30 minutes from there I got called from someone in Korea but I couldn’t pick up because I was in pray at that moment, I thought it from Polycom support.

The next day I saw email from Polycom support asking the problem and the convenience time to call me because yesterday I was not pick up the call. I reply the email thank them for their support and old them that I already resolve my problem and pointed the manual guide that doesn’t accurate.

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I hope this post on how to activate Dual Display Function on Polycom Real Presence Group 310 will be useful to you. Cheers…

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