2 Easy Method to Connect Phone to TV wirelessly

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In this post i will tell you how we can connect phone to TV wirelessly with and without additional device (Dongle). Each method require certain features on the TV.

At some point we will have a moment where we want to connect our phone to TV wirelessly. This is usually when you want to give quick presentation without have to transfer files to laptop or USB. Other possibility is we want to watch streaming movie from phone in larger screen.

Connect Phone to TV wirelessly
There are 2 easy ways to send phone screen to TV wirelessly

1. Use smart TV that has screen mirroring feature

2. Use Miracast receiver that can be used on almost any mobile device

Each method has their own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s talk about this one by one:

Use smart TV that has screen mirroring feature

Not all TV are smart TV and not all smart TV has screen mirroring feature. If you quite fortunate to have smart TV with screen mirroring function, then you can display your phone screen to TV easily:

On your smart TV

Choose input and select screen mirroring

From your smartphone

Choose options>more>wireless display (require at least android 4.2). You will see your smart TV from there and choose it to display your smart phone screen to the smart TV screen. Everything in displayed on your phone, now is also on your TV. This is very cool.

There is a good video about this on Youtube:

Use Miracast receiver that can be use in almost any TV (with HDMI port) and using any mobile device

Miracast is a standard protocol to send picture from mobile device or laptop to TV or projector.
In early development there is requirement that both receiver and transmitter must Miracast certified to be able to connect each other.
Today by buying a Miracast receiver dongle we can connect it to any TV with HDMI port and use with any android phone or iPhone as a transmitter.

On your TV with HDMI port

Plug the Miracast dongle to TV’s HDMI port and plug another cable to USB port, this is to give power to the Miracast receiver.

From your smartphone

Download apps that compatible with your Miracast dongle. I usually use EZcast apps from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.actionsmicro.ezcast&hl=en
Use this apps to send phone screen to TV. This is my preferred method because I don’t have smart TV that has screen mirroring function.
See step by step Anycast M2 Plus installation in this post.

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