Get Windows 10 ISO Direct Download From Microsoft Website

Get Windows 10 ISO Direct Download From Microsoft Website

If you ever upgrade or install Windows 10, you will notice that the process is 100% online. You will need to be connected to the internet while upgrading. This sucks when you have a slow internet connection. You will need to start all over again if your internet connection is disconnected in the middle of the process.

windows 10 iso download 64 bit

You will try to find a way to install windows 10 offline by getting the ISO file so you can burn it to a DVD disc or mount it using DVD emulator software such as ISO power.

Today I am going to show you how you can download windows 10 ISO file directly without using Windows 10 installation media tool.

Steps to get Windows 10 ISO Direct Download

1. Open Chrome internet browser, if you don’t have it, get one here.

2. Install mobile browser emulator from

3. Using Chrome open this URL

4. After the webpage is opened click the mobile browser emulator button (red M button) from Chrome, choose mobile portrait 320×480 or any resolution on the list.

5. Choose Windows 10 edition from the list, and click confirm.

6. Mobile browser emulator will refresh itself and we were asked to choose the language, and click confirm.

7. Mobile browser emulator will refresh itself and be asking whether we will download 32 or 64-bit version.

8. The screen will splash and the download started. To check the progress press CTRL+J you will see it. As in the picture below, the Windows 10 ISO file size is 4GB and I have 2 hours left until download finish.

9. Take a cup of coffee wail waiting for the download finish, when finished you can burn it into ad DVD disc and install windows 10 offline. Now you can get Windows 10 ISO Direct Download.

Why is My Computer So Slow, These Could Be The Problem…

Why is My Computer So Slow, These Could Be The Problem…

As you are using a computer all the time, now it’s getting slower and you don’t know what to do. There is some possibility when the computer that use to be fast but now becomes so slow, here are some tips you can try to speed up your computer:

1. Check hard disk space

As you are working with various programs and data, there is a possibility that free space on your hard drive is low, when this happens it will reduce overall performance, keep a minimum 20% free space to make sure everything works okay. A computer will create a swap file or temporary file during operational. If no room for swap file the computer will run very slow.

why is my computer so slow all of a sudden

2. Delete Temporary Files

Windows Update, Program installation, and working with Microsoft office files will leave temporary files in your computer.
Type %temp% on search button or run, it will open the temporary folder where you can delete files in it without problems. If we have a lot of file under Temp folder, it will decrease the performance.

why is my computer so slow windows 8
Use disk cleanup program, it will find unused files so we can delete to free some space. 
why is my computer so slow windows 10

3. Fragmented files on harddisk or hardware error on harddisk.

Over time files on the hard disk get fragmented, ideally, one file located on the contiguous location in the hard disk, if not then the head will need to look in the different area of the sector and this will slow down the reading mechanism. To know whether your hard drive fragmented or not, you can use

computer running slow windows 7

When hard disk error because of hardware failure, then you need to replace the hard disk, it will be better to replace it with SSD, it much faster and last longer than conventional hard disk.

4.  Virus or malware

A virus will actively spread on your hard disk and make the system incredibly slow and will make executables files become paralyzed. Make sure you have active antivirus on the system.
Malware or adware will also make the system slow by showing ads on your computer and running unwanted program. Use Malwarebytes to detect and remove Malware from your computer.

how do i make my computer run faster?

5. Windows Update

Without updating your windows system, the chance that your computer will have virus or malware becomes big. Make sure you set automatic updates for windows only.

6. Reboot your computer

After removing the unwanted program or removing virus from the system, you must restart the computer.

How to Repair Storage Area Missing on Accumark

How to Repair Storage Area Missing on Accumark

Repair Storage Area in Accumark 10:

An Accumark user in the company reporting that they cannot find model and piece or other type component in Accumark explorer. In Accumark version 10 the tool to repair storage area problem is quite hidden, not easy to find as previous versions.

storage area missing

This is what you need to do:
1. Ask user when last time they see the component
2. Restore using previous version function in windows to the same date as user’s information above.
3. Delete all files with extension ctl from the folder in Windows Explorer (in this example S17-JRLG).
4. Open Accumark explorer click Home-> Options->Accumark utilities-> Storage areas

Sorry that the pictures here are all gone as I accidentally moving from my old hosting provider to the new one without backup the picture. But the information below is correct so I hope it will help.

accumark 10 utilities
5. On the Storage area, select drive, select storage area folder, click verbose, click check
accumark verbose mode
6. Press enter until all error fixed.
Accumark fixing storage area error
When finished you should able to see the missing components. Thanks.

Accumark version 7,8, or 9

Storage area data missing:
1. In Windows explorer backup the files first
2. In windows explorer delete all .ctl files
3. Use Accumark utilities to check the corrupted folder
check verbose option ( will check and repair all)
accumark utilities 7, 8, or 9
accumark storage area error fix
4. Hit enter to continue until all process completed
5. After finish the storage area will still empty
6. close accumark expoler and re-open
7. Now you will see the storage area locked
unlock storage area
Unlock the storage area by right click the storage area and choose unlock
( first highlight other storage area, the right click locked storage area to unlock).
unlock locked storage area in accumark
After unlocking storage area now it ready to be used and the error fixed. Have a nice day.
Is Port Forwarding Safe to Our Network?

Is Port Forwarding Safe to Our Network?

Before we can answer this we need to know what is port forwarding, how do they work and what is the purpose.

Is Port Forwarding Safe to Our Network? 1

Port forwarding or port mapping is a technique to redirect a communication port request from one port/ip address to another port/ip address.

The port that need port forwarding usually will reside in internal network and the request will be handled by network gateway.

The Purpose of Port Forwarding

By implementing port forwarding it will enable remote computers from the internet to connect to a specific computer in the internal network (LAN).

Is Port forwarding Safe?

It depends on of what services/devices you apply the port forwarding. If you apply it on game consoles like Xbox and Playstation then it is safe.

If you apply port forwarding in a CCTV or their DVR (Digital Video Recording) then there is a risk someone can access your CCTV and DVR. You can minimize the risk by put a good password on them.

Or if you port forwarding on a computer running windows 7, windows 8 or windows 10, make sure you turn on the firewall.

Another Picture of is port forwarding safe:

Is Port Forwarding Safe to Our Network? 2
Is Port Forwarding Safe to Our Network? 3
Is Port Forwarding Safe to Our Network? 4
Is Port Forwarding Safe to Our Network? 5
Is Port Forwarding Safe to Our Network? 6
Iphone 6s Plus Rose Gold

Iphone 6s Plus Rose Gold

“A brand new color has bloomed for iPhone 6s / 6s Plus,” Spigen composed on its website, posting images of Rose Gold iPhones sporting various protective circumstances.

Iphone 6s Plus Rose Gold 7

DON’T MISS: iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus: Leaked pricing paints grim picture to your wallet What we have here is a Rose Gold iPhone 7 in comparison to the iPhone 6s, and although it may be the first time so that it’ll be louder when viewing YouTube cat movies.

The Plus, on the other hand, will include a dual-camera configuration, and sources According to some KGI Securities research note obtained by AppleInsider, the next iPhone, considered to be known as the iPhone 6S, will come in a rose gold color option from the 1GB from the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus) along with a screen that utilizes the pressure.

Iphone 6s Plus Rose Gold 8
Iphone 6s Plus Rose Gold 9

The recently launched Rose Gold version of the Apple iPhone 6s Plus is a popular favorite among the buyers, according to the preorder details gathered up to now.

Apple began the preorder window of the latest iterations iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus on The brand new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus in increased gold have drawn significant attention in China already, according to a news report, using the newest color targeted at creating an impact on the oversaturated smartphone market in China.

“I expect Chinese customers will like it It is largely assumed that the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus will start in at least three different colors: silver, space gray, and gold. Nevertheless, recent rumors have surfaced which has suggested that we can look forward to an increased gold option, and possibly either.

The notable case producer Spigen is back with a new pair of instances for the forthcoming Apple iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. As it turns out, the brand new Apple apparatus will indeed be offered in “Rose Gold” hue, as stated earlier. It’s worth noting that rose gold continues the tradition of adding more color to the Apple lineup. And granted, there are certainly golden aspects of.

Another Picture of iphone 6s plus rose gold:

Iphone 6s Plus Rose Gold 10

Windows 10 Update

Microsoft has realized there’s a difficulty using Windows 10 on lower-end devices that boat with restricted storage. That difficulty, as soon as you get started downloading upgrades there is insufficient space available to install them using an external drive.

windows 10 update

He’s referring to this Spring Creators Update launch in May, also known as Redstone 4, that will observe the Microsoft developers concealed a key mystery in Windows wallpapers since they knew pictures would escape Windows 10 April Update is most likely the new name for Spring Creators Update Google’s Project Zero shows security flaw in Windows 10 S following Microsoft fails to

Previously, Microsoft has just provided a route from Windows 10 S to Windows 10 Pro, without any additional choices.

The slides appear to imply that both a change and an update would basically be a one-way road; there are no going back with no retrieval While Microsoft has not yet announced the public launch date of Windows 10 Redstone 4, the provider is anticipated to start the rollout and send the last pieces to the initial wave of programs this week.

windows 10 updates download
windows 10 update assistant 1903

Microsoft has touched most of landmarks before the official that the milder Windows 10 may be designed to make sure laptops and tablets with small internal storage can set up Windows 10 attribute updates. Moreover, the Redstone 5 trailer also has phone.

There’s been a great deal of drama surrounding Microsoft’s second significant feature upgrade for Windows 10. It was initially rumored to be known as the Spring Creators Update, after last season’s Creators Update (Spring) along with the Fall Creators Update (Fall).

More recently In ancient 2018 I got an email in the TechRepublic member requesting me to update and upgrade an article I wrote back in 2012 may take to include simple access to Google Docs into Microsoft Windows 10.

The easiest and most effective method is to add hyperlinks Initially scheduled to arrive on April 10, it currently seems upcoming Windows 10 Redstone 4 will not be published until May 8.

Though the Redmond software maker released a new trailer construct — considered to be RTM — past week and it’s been promoted to the Microsoft has released yet another cumulative upgrade for Windows 10, and now just programs running the Fall Creators Update (variant 1709) are receiving it.

KB4093105 lumps the OS model number to 16299.402 and includes a massive changelog.

Another Picture of windows 10 update:

update assistant 1809
update assistant 1903
update 1903
may 2019 update
Reconnecting.Error Code HCNetSDK.dll[91] – Hikvision Camera Video Loss Problem Solved!

Reconnecting.Error Code HCNetSDK.dll[91] – Hikvision Camera Video Loss Problem Solved!

Reconnecting.Error Code HCNetSDK.dll[91] – We have 8 Channel NVR DS-7608NI-SE with 7 cameras HikVision DS-2CD2020F-I and 1 Hikvision DS-2CD2120F-1 outdoor camera. One of DS-2CD2020F-I camera is not displaying the video most of the time. However, if we connect directly to the camera’s IP, not via NVR it shows the video perfectly, however using this mode I cannot record the video to the hard drive that located inside the NVR.

error code hcnetsdk.dll [91]

Troubleshooting Reconnecting.Error Code HCNetSDK.dll[91] error:

  • We exchange POE adaptor with a good camera still same result
  • We change port on the switch still same result
  • We tried to view using IE, Firefox, and Google Chrome, the problem is a consistent camera in backyard area is not working most of the time

Our conclusion at this stage is the problem is not software related. There are two possibilities, Camera problem or NVR problem.

  • We contact our CCTV supplier and they bring the new camera after replacing with the new camera we still have the problem.

The problem camera was not displaying video has been resolved:
After several tests, we found that the problem was not enough power to the camera sent by the adaptor.

Passive POE injector and splitter

All cameras we bought using passive POE adaptor as below picture. With passive POE adaptor, the max distance is about 40 meters (130 feet).
This kind of POE adaptor is not 802.3af standard, this is actually for a device that not POE capable. As a passive device, the longer the UTP cable the more drop power to the camera.

The installation of passive POE injector is not as simple as POE standard, near camera requires passive POE splitter to divide between the power cable and data cable. From POE passive splitter to other POE passive splitter using UTP cat 5.
Remember maximum cable length is 40 meters or 130 feet. More than 40mtrs you are going to have video loss problem as our experience above.

Active PoE Injector TL-POE150S

Finally, we are using POE Injector TL-POE150S, this device comply with IEEE 802.3af protocol. This POE injector will automatically adjust the power required by the camera (or other POE enable device). Support Gigabit speed and no other configuration required, just plug and play device.

How we install the TP-link POE and Hikvision camera:
We are using UTP cat 5 from camera DS-2CD2020F-I to the POE TL-POE150s the distance is about 80 meters. We placed the POE inside the switch cabinet where the electrical outlet available. We never experience video loss again since then.

My Conclusion:

  • Video loss problem on IP camera can be caused by power shortage to the camera. If your camera is POE capable device we suggest you use active POE (standard POE) for better power supply and can be used up to 100 meters.
  • If your device is not POE enable and less than 40 meters, you can use passive POE to power up the device properly.
  • If your device is not POE enable and use UTP cable up to 100 meters you still can use active POE with an additional device. TP-link have a product called TL-POE10R, combined with TL-POE150S it can be the answer to your need.
    POE output voltage are can be select from 5V, 9V, or 12V

System Info Command (systeminfo.exe) Remotely or Locally

System info or systeminfo.exe is a small utility that come with windows since windows XP up to the latest windows version (windows 10). This utility will retrieve information that very useful for administrator so he can decide the next step following the result.

Run System Info locally and remotely

System info can be executed to view local computer information or remote computer. To view system information type systeminfo.exe or systeminfo on the command prompt.

Run system info on remote computer
You can see what parameter you can use when running System info by typing systeminfo /? On the command prompt. Below is what we use so far.

systeminfo /s ABCL012008 /u ABCL012008administrator /p Ny357159 >> \ranfp3patchesBatchFilesComABCL012008.txt

The command above means, run systeminfo on remote computer ABCL012008 and use local administrator account to run the program. The password for local administrator is Ny357159. Send the result to file ABCL012008.txt

What is information we got after run systeminfo?

The information produced after run systeminfo is PC model and manufacturer, BIOS version, boot device, physical memory capacity (RAM). This information is helpful when we do inventory for hardware or software. At glance the result is almost the same with msinfo32.exe

Read about Scnotification

There is something interesting with the result, and this is what I like:

1. Original install date is the date where last time you rebuild the computer’s OS. By knowing this information, we can decide whether we will fix the problem of will rebuild the OS when problems come.

2. System boot time is the time when computer on. Normally system boot time is today, this means that the computer properly shutdown yesterday and turn on today. This is important to make sure that all updated program will be executed when boot. If the date is not today, then that computer is never turn of since the displayed date.

3. Logon server. If you have more than one domain controller in the network, you can know particular user is authenticated by which domain controller.

system info command

If we know this information we can know exactly which server is overloaded thus we can make arrangement to make balance load on each server.

More detail systeminfo command from Microsoft can be found here.

The other information is still important but we can also get from other program like MSINFO32.exe but the 3 info above I only see in system info command result.

Turn Photo into Sketch in seconds with Prisma Picture Art App

Are you looking the way to turn your photo into a sketch with your Android devices or iPhone? Or you want Van Gogh style for your pictures. Now you find the perfect picture art app called Prisma. See below examples from original photo into a sketch in seconds.

Turn Photo into Sketch in seconds with Prisma samples

We can use existing photos or take a picture with your phone camera, all can be turned into a piece of artwork by using Prisma app that uses Artificial Intelligence to produce excellent artwork that usually produced by professional artists.

If you want to make your house or cat look like animation or sketches, this app will do it is job perfectly and easily in seconds.

This app gain popularity very fast, currently their home based is in Moskow. After Prisma produced its result, you can easily save or share social network sites like Instagram or Facebook.

Thera is about 20 art template on Prisma to choose. They use their server in the cloud to process the photos instead of processing it on the phone. They never keep the original photo even do not know who sent the picture and from where.

Their neural network is actually drawing from a blank image from our photo, so it’s like an artist and the filter is not really a filter. This is what Prisma different from others. While others make a filter from existing photo, this app creates an art from the scratch using their AI server. The result is stunning as you can see below from different picture.

prisma photo editor

Because the photo is processed on their server in the cloud, you need to keep your smartphone connected to the internet during the process.

Usually, if we want to turn sketch from your photo you are going to need professional artist help or programs that require hours to produce, with Prisma you only need seconds with an amazing result.

The minimum requirement to run Prisma picture art app
Prisma requires android 4.1 and above, only 7.1MB file installation, the current version is 1.1 and the last update was Aug 18, 2016. Camera storage and full network access is a must. The company website is

If you want to download Prisma from Google Play

If you want to download Prisma from App Store

Power over Ethernet (PoE): Power Injector, Power Splitter, and POE switches

Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a method to deliver electrical power to the device using existing Ethernet cable. This omits the requirement to have a power source near the device. This method is very useful when we are deploying devices that attached to a high pole or remote area when electrical power is rare especially outdoor.

PoE Injector

Not only outdoor, PoE also very useful when using indoor for esthetic and simplicity of installation. No power source needs near the device which compliant with POE standard. Devices that usually incorporate POE standard are Access Point, CCTV camera, IP telephony. We are talking about some PoE related terms like power injector, power splitter, active PoE, passive PoE, Cisco PoE and non-Cisco PoE. What they are and how we can utilize them to our IT equipment.

1. What is Power over Ethernet (POE)

POE using an unused cable in UTP/UTP cable wiring. In networking standard IEEE 802.3af pin no 4,5,7, and 8 are used to deliver power to the device. In early days these pins used for telephone cable. The cable distance between POE injector and device can up to 100 meters.

2. What is power Injector (power source)

A device that injecting power via Ethernet cable (UTP or STP). Power injector usually in form of an adaptor with 2 ports Ethernet. The 1st port connected to switch that carry data signal, the 2nd port connected to POE device and contains power 48volts. POE injector follows POE standard having 44-48 volts DC and 350mA on their port.
This adaptor is also referred to as active POE because it injects separate power using their own adaptor. The distance of UTP cable between active POE and the device can p to 100 meters. I personally recommend using this to avoid the problem.

3. What is POE power Splitter

The device that split power and data to non POE compliant devices. Below is POE splitter picture, it’s a simple connector that split between data and power. This power splitter will use existing power adaptor of a device. Maximum distance UTP cable is 30-40 meters.
This POE splitter sometime referred as Passive POE because deliver power passively to the device, they don’t ship with an adaptor. They use an existing adapter to power up the device. The longer the UTP cable it will decrease electricity current and voltage and causing a problem.

PoE switch

POE switch is a switch that has power in their ports. By using PoE switch you don’t need additional power injector. Just plug your POE compliant devices into the switch and it should ON without power adaptor. PoE switch usually used for VoIP handset but it also can be used for CCTV or Access point.

Cisco PoE Power Injector and switches

Cisco POE has slightly different cable wiring but it still compliant with PoE standard. That is why you cannot use Cisco POE adaptor to power up non-Cisco devices. You also cannot use a non-Cisco power injector to power up Cisco POE devices such as Access point and IP telephony.
By swapping cable pin in RJ-45 connector you can use it to overcome the obstacle I wrote this on other posts here.

Non Cisco PoE devices and Power Injector

Usually non-Cisco PoE brand devices interchangeably with another brand. We can be mixed with different brand between POE power injector and POE device compliant.

PoE Injector and splitter implementation

To get a better understanding of differences above, I show you below how we can implement PoE injector and splitter in the real world.

Power Injector Only

Power injector implementation is easy, no configuration required. Just plug data port on PoE injector to switch or router, you will need power outlet around for PoE injector.

Port data+power in PoE injector need to be connected to PoE device enable such as IP camera, IP phone, or Access point. Remember that not all IP camera, IP phone, or Access point are PoE enable. UTP cable from power injector to the device can up to 100 meters.

PoE Splitter only

PoE splitter is for non-PoE enable device, the installation a bit different wit PoE injector, where the other end of splitter needs to be installed near the device. The UTP distance between PoE splitter connected can up to 40 meters.

PoE injector combined with PoE Injector

PoE for injector and PoE splitter can reach up to 100 meters for non-POE device without requiring a power outlet.

There is a great product from TP link that makes it possible to extend POE injector to non-PoE powered device up to 100 meters. Using 2 devices PoE Injector TL-POE150S and PoE splitter TL-POE10R we can power up non-PoE device up to 100 away from power source. The output voltage for a device is selectable from 5,9, and 12 volts.

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