How To Check App’s Download History On Play Store

How To Check App’s Download History On Play Store (Exact Number)

When we have an app listed on the Play Store, we want to know how many times the app has already been downloaded. Unfortunately, this is number is not easily revealed. We can see the number on Play Store but it’s displayed on ranges. 5K+, 10K+, 50K+ and so on. However, we want the exact number with the date every day.

Fortunately, there is a way we can find out the number in the Google Play console:

Inside your Play console, look for the app you want to check the download stats, click View app on the right side.

Download History On Play Store1

Click Statictics on the left side menu.

Download History On Play Store2

Click drop down menu under configure report Users -> User acquisition -> All users

Download History On Play Store3

Download History On Play Store4

Choose the time range, I usually use all the time, then export the report into csv format,

Download History On Play Store5

Download History On Play Store6

When you download and open the file it will contain 3 column: Date, User acquisition, and Notes

As in the below picture, we can see how many the app downloaded daily. In total, we have 48,763 downloaded which means with the current rate it will reach more than 50 thousand in less than one month and the number will become 50K+ in the play store.

Download History On Play Store7

I write down this tutorial as a reminder to myself, and I hope you also find this useful when you face the same problem. If you want to see the same report in the future, you can save the report and open it when needed so you don’t have to go through these steps again.

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