What Motherboard Model Do I Have? 4 Ways to Easily Find Out. 1

What Motherboard Model Do I Have? 4 Ways to Easily Find Out.

What Motherboard Model Do I Have – There are some ways you can identify your motherboard type, first is by using a software utility some computer model will include this in their software package.
Second is looking at your manual book and the third is by looking physically at your motherboard.

Identify using software

In Windows 10, there is a little program called System Information Utility you can access this by typing msinfo in the search button and click System Information.

what motherboard do i have windows 10
Actually, when you type msi in the search button, the System Information will show up, you can click from there.
motherboard information

As with sample laptop here the model is 2349CTO, with this information you can dig up more information about the laptop. Just type in Google and you will find more interesting information.
There are a lot of useful information, like BIOS version, system name/computer name, and others.

In Windows 7 or earlier you can access System Information by going to Start-All Programs>Accessories>System tools click Information Utility.

Using WMIC command to get motherboard model

WMIC is a set of command from Windows that can be used to retrieve some important information like motherboard model, serial number and a lot of other information.
From command prompt type wmic baseboard get product,Manufacturer,version,serialnumber

motherboard serial number lookup

Identify Motherboard model using documentation

Your computer should come with a manual guide that includes your motherboard model/information. If you cannot find the manual for some reason you can download the manual guide in PDF form from your computer’s manufacturer website.

Identify Motherboard model using physical observation

This is not as easy as above 2 methods before. You have to open the computer case, usually it printed in the motherboard clearly, but since there are many other parts inside computer casing you may need to remove that parts first to be able to see the model number.

I suggest you to not doing this if you do not really know about computer, just use System Information and documentation above.

how to check motherboard model in windows 7

The mother model above is P5G41-M LX from Asus. Again you can search that information on the internet and you will find much good information about your motherboard.

wmic baseboard get product,manufacturer,version,serialnumber
The model is GA-P67A-D3-B3 from Gigabyte.
Knowing the model of our motherboard is handy when we need to upgrade the component, look for specifications, look for the user’s manual, and more.
It is good when we ask a question about what motherboard model do I have to ourselves because we need to know the exact model for upgrading or look for specific information.

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