My Best Free WordPress Backup and Restore Plugin

Free WordPress Backup Plugin – OK this is my current opinion, it may be in the future if I find a better WordPress plugin for backup and restore, who knows?

I was using another free WordPress plugin to do the backup and restore. This plugin is great for small websites, but when you have more than 1GB website you will face problems.

This plugin still works well with more website that has more than 1GB of files in total. I use the plugin to backup and restore WordPress websites from one hosting company to another seamlessly. 

Move from shared hosting to another shared hosting, shared hosting to VPS, and vice versa easily without problem, and this is using their free version. Let’s jump to the process of back up and restore.

First, you need to do:

Download Migration, Backup, Staging WPvivid from WPvivid Team and activate.

Wpvivid Plugin
Wpvivid Plugin

To Backup:

From the left menu, choose Look for WPvividbackup, and click Backup and Restore. On Backup & Restore tab, make sure you choose: Database + Files (WordPress Files), Save Backups to Local, then click Backup now.

wordppress backup and restore
WordPress backup and restore

It will start backup immediately.

When finish you will see something like this:

wordppress backup result
wordppress backup result

To Restore:

You can restore on the same hosting, usually if you break something on the website and cannot fix it, you want to do this. You can also restore to a new hosting company, usually, you want to do this when moving from shared hosting to VPS hosting.

Restore on the same hosting company:

Click the Restore button, it will start restoring your website, wait until finishes.

Restore on a different hosting company:

First Download your backup files to your computer. I can be several files from up to 300MB something for each file, it depends on your website size.

  • On your new hosting, install new a WordPress site and install the plugin (WPvividbackup).
  • Upload the backup files from your computer
  • Click Restore
  • Do not close the window during the restore process, wait until the process finishes.

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