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404 Not Found, What Does It Mean?

If you already browsing the internet for some time I bet you already found error 404 not found error.
The 40x error refers to the error caused by the client like typing the nonexistence URL, below is the list of 40x errors:

404 not found

The most common 40x error are:

400 Bad Request

The server does not understand the command issued by the user, for example, you type the wrong URL in the internet browser.

401 Unauthorized

Request to a URL need authorization, when you accessing a web page that requires a password

402 Payment Required

Reserved for a future, not used yet.

403 Forbidden

URL is correct but the server does not allow us to access it

404 Not Found

The webpage does not exist, this is usually when a document deleted from the web server

405 Method Not Allowed

The requested method does not allow in the server

406 Not Acceptable

407 Proxy Authentication Required

Need authentication from the proxy server before accessing a document

408 Request Timeout

Request out of time window provides by the server, the client can try again

409 Conflict

The request cannot be processed usually because of simultaneous changes on the same file.

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