Meraki VPN Client Cannot Connected To The Server

We have a small representative office in Bandung, Indonesia that sometimes needs to use VPN to get access to the server at HQ in the UK.

Just a week ago our headquarter office has changed their VPN from Cisco to Meraki but since then the client in the Bandung office cannot connect to the server.
However, when using tether from a smartphone is connected to the server.
Obviously, the problem is with the network configuration or with the internet provider.
Our current connection is using 4g USB modem Huawei E3372 4G LTE 150Mbps and Router 3G 4G TP-Link
meraki vpn client Huawei Modem
So the first thing I check is the router setting of TP-Link MR3420, I click NAT forwarding section. From there I can see that PPTP Pass-through, L2TP Pass-through, and IPSec Pass-through are not enabled.
meraki vpn client Huawei Modem
I am sure that Meraki will need at least one of them to be enabled. As I want a quick result, I enabled PPTP Pass-through, L2TP Pass-through, and IPSec Pass-through. Reboot the router and asking the user to reconnect using VPN.
Yeah, this time VPN client Meraki can connect as it should be.
meraki vpn client Huawei Modem vpn cannot connect

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