Basics knowledge of computer is interesting to be understood and followed. In this fast-changing world of computer technology, fundamental information is still viable to follow without many changes. We can enjoy the new computer technology without feeling fall behind when we understand the principle and basic knowledge of computers.

Computer Basics

  • ssd full form

    SSD Full Form and How Does It Work?

    The SSD full form is “Solid State Drive.” It is a device for mass storage much like a conventional hard disk drive (HDD). It enables…

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  • eeprom full form


    EEPROM full form is Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory. EEPROM is a type of nonvolatile primary memory and a modified version of EPROM. EEPROM…

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  • hdd full form

    HDD Full Form

    HDD full form is Hard Disk Drive. Sometimes called a hard drive, hard disk, or even HD. What is Hard Disk Drive? A hard disk…

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  • gpu full form

    GPU Full Form

    GPU full form is Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) is a specialized computer processor that was first developed to speed up the process of producing visuals.…

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Hardware & Peripheral

Internet & Network

Software & Apps


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