Basics knowledge of computer is something interesting to be understood and followed. In this fast-changing world of computer technology, fundamental information is still viable to follow without many changes. We can enjoy the new computer technology without feeling left behind when we understand the principle and basic knowledge of computers.

Computer Basics

  • vga full form

    VGA Full Form Explained

    VGA full form is Video Graphics Adapter or Video Graphics Array. It is the name of a well-known display standard that was developed by IBM…

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  • CMOS full form

    CMOS Full Form

    CMOS full form is Complementary Metal–Oxide–Semiconductor. CMOS is the chip that powered by a battery to store and keep information such as time and date,…

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  • what is display port

    What is Displayport?

    A Displayport is a port on a computer that allows for the connection of an external display, such as a monitor, projector, or TV cable.…

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  • tws full form

    TWS Full Form In Headphones

    TWS full form is True Wireless Stereo. TWS is a technology applied in headsets that enable users to listen to music in stereo mode and…

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Internet & Network

Software & Apps


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