My Laptop Shutdown Suddenly

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my laptop shutdown suddenly
illustration laptop shutdown suddenly

Yes, this happen to me when i work on the spreadsheet, my laptop shutdown suddenly with no clear reason, no warning, no error, just blank screen without any lamp on, totally dead.
When this happen i temporary lose my mood to work, especially when i have to catch deadline. On the other side i can rest my fingers, my brain, my eyes, and rest of the body so i feel fresh again when back to work. Hey  i am one of positive thinking guy 🙂

After working without laptop about 30 minutes i try to push the power button and the laptop back on. Is this sounds familiar with yours? If you the remedy is easy, you don’t have to think to far bringing laptop to service center, or call technician to visit, try this before everything else…

Actually above is defend mechanism from laptop because the temperature reach its maximum limit so the laptop shutdown, if not will burn the component and causing severe damage.

Blow your laptop with air compressor, it will push the dust out from its hiding. No need to open any laptop keyboard or cover, just aim the air compressor to the sidelines. The dust inside laptop motherboard will cover the surface of aluminium cooler and other component that generate heat. This condition will prevent heat out from the component thus your laptop become overheat.

When you get rid of dust from laptop’s component the heat generated from laptop will go out and it will under maximum temperature so never shutdown again when you are working.

I tried this to my laptop and my colleagues when they complain “My Laptop Shutdown Suddenly“.

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