yunar winardiHi this is Yunar from Yunarwinardi.com

This website is reflection of my daily activity. I write this blog for my journal and to share my Information Technology and my internet marketing experience to people who need it.

I am not native in English so you may found grammatical error on the post, however I tried to make it as little as possible. When I wrote a post it may contain affiliate link (but not always), everything I wrote here mostly my own experience.

I only wrote what works for me but if I write about any program I may not in the program anymore for many reasons.

What is yunarwinardi.com all about?

You can find various postings about technology in Information Technology field. I categorized them into 3 main area like:

IT troubleshooting

As an IT staff, almost every day me and my colleague do troubleshoot for the user, from simple things to complex problem. Sometimes the problem can be fix with several click, sometime we found problem took days to resolve. Thanks to the internet we can seek IT troubleshooting information easily.

IT tutorial

Not only troubleshooting, we also do tutorial to users especially new system that keep coming whether the new system came from our buyer or supplier. After we learn the new system, we have to teach them to the users. Several systems have their own VPN system to connect to the system, others using web based application to run the system.

Product Review

Sometimes we review new product when we have the product in hands. We review the product to find out what the feature that will be useful to us and how to operate it. Before we decided to buy the product we also read people’s review about the device.

I am still working 9-5 although I plan to work for my own business.
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That’s it enough from me, lets learn and practice IT and IM for our prosperity.

To Our Success