Windows 10 Control Panel Location

Windows 10 Control Panel Location

You may ask where to find control panel in Windows 10? There are several ways you can run control panel on WIndows 10:

1. Click Start, scroll down to W and expand Windows System menu, you will find control panel there.

windows 10 control panel shortcut
2. Click search bar., type control panel and you will see control panel in the top of search result.
windows 10 control panel start menu
Both ways above will bring you to the classic control panel.
control panel windows 10 command

Actually, Windows 10 has its own control panel called Windows Setting and to run it you just need to click the start button, and click the gear icon, it will bring Windows settings.

windows 10 control panel shortcut on desktop

Windows Setting is replacing classic control panel in Windows 10 but at the moment you can use any of them.

windows 10 control panel vs settings
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