WiFi Full Form Meaning & Definition

WiFi Full Form Meaning & Definition

WiFi Full Form is Wireless Fidelity. WiFi is a technology that connects devices like computers, smartphones, routers, printers, and much more wirelessly to other devices and to the Internet. Without WiFi, we must use cables to connect and this is not practical at all.

History of WiFi

Back in 1997, WiFi was released to the public with the name 802.11 and later become IEEE 802.11 which refers to the standard for wireless communications for WLAN (Wireless LAN).

When WiFi has first introduced the speed to transfer between 2 devices is 1-2 Mbps.

The first WiFi router for the home that complies with IEEE 802.11 standard was introduced in 1999.

How does WiFi work?

Wi-Fi works by using radio waves to transfer data between your wireless router and your WiFi-enabled devices. However, there are also dangers to connecting to a public Wi-Fi network, including cyber attacks, identity theft, and even physical threats.

WiFi Frequencies, speed, and standard protocol table

802.11 standard protocol keeps increasing in terms of speed and multi-user handling capability. Below is the table.

Maximum SpeedStandardFrequencyMIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output)
2 Mbps802.112.4 GHzn/a
11 Mbps802.11b2.4 GHzn/a
54 Mbps802.11a5 GHzn/a
54 Mbps802.11g2.4 GHzn/a
450 Mbps802.11n2.4 or 5 GHzSingle User (SU-MIMO
866.7 Mbps802.11ac wave15 GHzSingle User (SU-MIMO)
1.73 Gbps802.11ac wave25 GHzMulti User (MU-MIMO)
2.4 Gbps802.11ax2.4 or 5GHzMulti User (MU-MIMO)
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WiFi ranges

The indoor WiFi router typically can reach up to 300 feet using the built-in antenna however, this also depends on how many objects are inside the room. The more objects the less signal coverage. Outdoor Wireless routers can reach up to dozens of kilometers with a directional external antenna.

WiFi Devices

Wifi devices are in many forms they accompany our daily activities, at office and home.


Desktop computer and laptop uses WiFi to connect to the internet to send emails, get data and more, or share files and printers among colleagues.


A wireless stick USB modem usually is used by individual users. The MiFi (Mini WiFi router) is used by small groups of people usually up to 5 people.

wifi full form usb stcik modem and wifi
USB stick moden and MiFi modem


Wireless printers are used in LAN environments so users can print out their job wirelessly although using cable is at some point still more reliable.


The wireless router at home is used by family members to connect to the internet as well as share files and videos locally.


CCTV cameras can record video so we can watch the video wirelessly. Although the camera is wireless the power needs an electrical outlet. In some models, the camera uses a battery that can last days so they are truly wireless.


A smart TV has a wireless connection to the router to connect to the Internet. It is also able to receive video sent by smartphone or computer.


Smartphones is uses WiFi to connect to the Internet so the emails and data are always synced and updated. When no WiFi is available they use a data package with 3G, 4G, or 5G connection.

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I hope this post about WiFi full form, meaning, and definition will answer your curiosity about this wireless technology that exists in many public places.

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