What Version of Internet Browser Do I have? 1

What Version of Internet Browser Do I have?

You have a freedom to choose whatever Internet browser you want to use for browsing the Internet. Each Internet browser has their own features. Make sure you only use the latest version of the Internet browser to protect you from malicious websites that will steal your personal information.

These websites when visited will run a special script on your computer that will harmful to your computer. I am actively using Chrome and sometimes use Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Comodo. Here how you can check the version of Internet browser you are using:

1.How to check Version on Google Chrome

Click 3 vertical dots on the top right side of Chrome, scroll down until you found Help, highlight it and click About Google Chrome. 

  what version of chrome do i have 32 or 64

You will see the version of your Google Chrome Internet browser
how do i know if i have the latest version of chrome?

2.How to check Version on Microsoft Edge (Windows 10)

Click the 3 horizontals dots on the top right side of Microsoft Edge, scroll down and click settings
what version of chrome os do i have
Scroll down until you see About this app and you will see what is the version of your Microsoft Edge
update google chrome windows 10

3.How to check Version on Mozilla Firefox

Click 3 vertical bars on the top right side of Mozilla Firefox, click blue question mark. 
chrome download
Click About Firefox
what is the highest version of chrome
You will see your current Firefox version
latest version of chrome for windows 10

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