Updating Information Technology Entry Level Jobs

Updating Information Technology Entry Level Jobs

Informatics can be interpreted as a discipline that studies transformation symbolized, namely data based on computational machines. This science covers several fields such as information systems, computer science, information science, computer systems, and other information development. Informatics studies the structure, nature, and interaction of several systems used to collect data, process and store the results of the processing, and display it in the form of information

In this modern era, many people like to work in Information Technology. Computer science which is also part of informatics emphasizes computer programming and software. The basis of computer science is a comprehensive understanding of algorithms rooted in electronics, mathematics, and linguistics. This field has links with the field of information systems. But informatics focuses more on meeting human needs related to computer use.

Information Technology Entry Level Jobs

The Level Jobs in Information Technology Job

In general, work in the field of information technology is divided into 4 groups:

a. Software (Software)

Those who are engaged in the software world are those who design database operating systems or application systems. Jobs related to this field, for example:

· System analyst: the task is to analyze the system that will be implemented. Starting from analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of the existing system to the feasibility study for the system to be developed.

· Programmer: the person in charge of implementing the system analyst design, which is to make the program according to the system being analyzed.

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· Web Designer: tasked with planning, including feasibility studies, analysis, and design of a web-based application creation project

· Web Programmer: has the task to implement the design of a web designer, by creating a web-based program in accordance with the designed design

b. Hardware (Hardware)

Jobs related to this field are:

· Technical engineer: handles technical problems, both in maintenance and repair of computer system devices.

· Networking engineer: works in the technical field of computer networks, from maintenance to troubleshooting.

c. Information System Operations:

· The types of work related to this field are:

· EDP Operator: has the duty to run programs related to electronic data processing in a corporate environment.

· System administrator: tasked with carrying out administration and maintenance in the system, having the authority to regulate access rights to the system and matters related to operational arrangements.

· MIS Director: personnel with the highest authority in an information system. Its main task is to manage the system as a whole, both in terms of hardware, software, and HR.

d. IT Business Development with the type of work identified by the grouping of work in various sectors of the information technology industry.

· With the above grouping, it is expected that informatics engineering graduates can apply their abilities, both hard skills and soft skills in various fields and professional lines.

Each field of work in the information system has its own tasks. The tasks carried out have their respective responsibilities. If you want to work in this area, you can take a study in Information technology program. There are many programs can you choose now. So, you can think your passion first.

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