Understanding Information technology Images through Bitmap and Vector

Understanding Information technology Images through Bitmap and Vector

Hello, how was your day? Have you just returned from somewhere? People usually spend almost most of the time outside the home. Then, they use the rest time to amuse themselves along with the family or their electronic gadget. Perhaps, they find some brochures, pamphlet, or other advertisement types on the way home. Further, they see the other advertisement from TV, computer, and mobile phone when they are taking a rest. All of these advertisements contain images produced by technological sophistication. What do you think about all that? Do you think that you found a lot of information technology images inside?

information technology images

Information technology Images: Bitmap Graphics and Vector Images

Without realizing it, humans have known information technology images for a long time. People use it in an advertisement, entertainment, and so on. Nowadays, IT images are more popular with digital images where the technology is very extraordinary. People can make anything with a good result and fast time than draw with the pencil. So, what is IT image of the digital image? It is images derived from the work of a computer, digital camera, or other media and stored in a file.

Digital images produce the far better result than hand-made image. At this time, there are two kinds of digital images including bitmap and vector. Both have features and weakness where all will provide here.

· Bitmap graphics

Bitmap graphics or raster graphics is an image that comes from a set of pixels or dots and has its own color. Usually, it depends on the resolution so that if the image is enlarged the image will look less smooth. Of course, this can reduce the details of the image itself. The bitmap image also has a larger file size because the resolution of the image is also large. By the way, the examples of bitmap-based software are Photoshop, Paint, CorelPhotoPaint. Well, here are the characteristics of bitmap graphics:

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1. Save images in BMP, PNG, TIFF and GIF formats.

2. More flexible and real color gradations.

3. Images are less clear when zoomed.

4. Consists of dots or pixels with various colors.

5. Image quality depends on the number of pixels.

6. Resolution is dependent.

7. Requires a larger size storage.

· Vector Images

Vector images are information technology images that use elements of curves and lines in forming objects or images. Unlike bitmap graphics, this vector does not depend on resolution. So that the results of the image do not break or lose details when experiencing enlargement or reduction in size. File sizes from vector images are also relatively smaller and can be enlarged without affecting the size of the image file. Some software that applies a vector image is CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator and Macromedia Freehand. Below are the characteristics:

· Image quality is still clearly visible when enlarged.

· The number of pixels influences the quality of graphics

· Own resolution independent.

· Has a smaller storage size.

· Suitable for navigating pages, creating fonts and illustrations.

· Using curves and lines in the manufacturing process

· Compilation based on geometric objects from mathematical calculations.

· The existing color gradations need to be analyzed first.

People who are able to create various information technology images are designers. If you want to master it, you can take IT designer with a bachelor’s degree.

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