Understanding 25 more for the Examples of Information Technology before you join the class

Understanding 25 more for the Examples of Information Technology before you join the class

The topic of information technology is never ending because it always increases every time. Not only the IT professional but also the layperson also like to talk about it. Even though, the coverage of the topic is certainly different. Indeed, there are plenty of examples of information technology. By the way, this article has summarized it in 31 points. Well, let’s master all with following the article until the finish.

examples of information technology

Here are 31 examples of information technology

In case you want to concern to the IT field, you need to know these examples of information technology:

1. Infrastructure

Technology infrastructure is such as load balancers and firewalls. It may offer support, self-service tools, operating infrastructure, and management for configuring.

2. Computing

Computing resources are such as a cloud computing platform that includes scaling, management of data centers, monitoring computing, and self-service tools for deploying.

3. Software

The provider fully manages, operate, and support the software application.

4. Platform

Platforms for managing, developing, and deploying systems and custom applications.

5. APIs

The function of the service is to extend the functionality of the code. For instance, an API is able to verify the identity of a user.

6. Network

Network services, for instance, a public or office Wi-Fi service are on the telecom company for the full support and management.

7. Data Storage

Data Storage is the place to save your files and objects like a cloud storage service.

8. Data Synchronization

Synchronization of data is across devices such as syncs your contacts and photos on your home devices and mobile.

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9. Databases

Databases are almost similar to the data storage. It also stores a cloud database service.

10. Data

It is the services providing data itself like market data.

11. Analytic

The duty visualizes data for human consumption.

12. Content Management

Content management tools control, organize and share documents and content.

13. Content Delivery

It is a platform that publishes content such as the content delivery network. This example of information technology automatically distributes the content to multiple data centers. Then, the content serves the nearest users from a data center around them.

14. Transacting Processing

It is the platforms that process transactions for business such as a payments platform.

15. Workflow

It allows you to do semi-automated custom business processes that coverage human tasks.

16. Process Automation

Tools for automating work for developing and deploying bots.

17. Event Processing

It is services for managing events. For instance, a tool to create an incident ticket when there is an error in a log.

18. Monitoring

It is for monitoring business processes and technologies.

19. Information Security

Information security services blocks suspicious requests to a service.

20. Mobile: The application is such as navigation service

21. Mobile Platform: To operate and develop mobile services

22. Search: It is the internet to search tool and engine

23. Office Productivity: It relies on the tool productivity

24. Communication: It implies the communication services like voice, messaging, document sharing, email, and virtual environments.

25. Artificial Intelligence: It is a platform as the machine learning

The other examples of information technology are games, robotics, internet of things, business automation, workspace, and the development environment. At least, you have ever heard about the term so that you will not shock when getting the lesson.

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