Top 3 ERP Software for Small Business to Carry your Business to the World Quickly 1

Top 3 ERP Software for Small Business to Carry your Business to the World Quickly

In fact not only the large business needs the ERP but also the small business. This case is because each person has a goal to improve and extend their business. Definitely, ERP software for small business will help them to realize it and make their venture famous in the world. The definition of ERP or the Enterprise Resource Planning is the software of the application system.

People use it to get one management from several divisions or database. It indeed is able to hold sales, finance, shipping human resource, accounting, inventory, purchase, and the rest. The most important thing you will easier to administer your business without need many employees.

ERP software for Small Business

Catch the Advantages of the ERP software for Small Business

Formerly, ERP is MRP II where MRP II is the improvement of the MRP (Material Requirement Planning). The alteration has been occurred since the 1990s and becomes the milestones for the success of the American economy. This management system has some characteristics such as:
1. It has two designs both the Web base and the desktop-base (traditional)
2. Incorporate all of the major business processes.
3. Processing all the transactions.
4. Use the enterprise database scale to save the data.
5. Allow the user in accessing their data in real time.
Indeed, many people have implemented this software to support their business. The fact, they regard that they get profit faster than before and the management becomes easier. Therefore, lots of them recommend ERP for everyone.

Meanwhile, the advantages of the ERP software for small business are:

1. Business Integration
The ERP management system contains some modules and sub-modules. It has the task to represents the current business components. The task or function also renews the payment and stock automatically in the real time.

2. Get Better Data Accuracy
The attendance of the ESP software for small business is something waiting for many people. It helps them to avoid the duplication and the data mistype. This case comes from the one time inserting data which goes on during the transaction.

3. Planning and support the Information Management System
The ERP system works with some supporting equipment such as the planning and simulation. They put the human resources, materials, work tools, and the machines in one place or database. Even, the ERP also has the standard report which is useful for the management which often needs and accesses it every time.

4. Effective and Efficient
By using the ERP software system, you can improve the efficiency and the efficiency of your business. This application will control the daily activity routinely without should make you bother.

list of erp software

5. Improve the productivity
Improving the productivity means ERP is able to increase the sales realization, cash management, quality management, orders, shipment, and the supplier performance. Even, it can shorten the sale to the cash cycle and also the payment to the supplier.

6. Standardization Procedure Formation
By implementing the ERP software for the small business your company owns the standard procedure formation from the best international practical process. The company will work independently in managing their management without involves many people or the workers. Alongside that, the online accounting system supports the performance of the company in terms of making financial statements.

7. Improve the Customer Service
It provides the billing and relationship tracking in one division.

8. Improve the Compliance
The compliance improvement refers to the financial system regulatory standard and to reduce the risk.

9. Automate the operational business
It means that the ERP can operate the business process initiation automatically.

Top 3 of the ERP Software for Small Business

After discussing the benefits of the ERP software for small business, the article will appear the lists of ERP software. There are three products which are going to be your reference to run your business later:

top 10 erp software


Apprise is the compatible mobile phone which may remote access through the software. It will run through the site in case the phone has an Android Apps or the iOS. Absolutely, this ERP software for small business comes to increase the manufacturing process from the production to the shipment. The software will reduce the cost and facilitate the operation. Apprise also offers the integrated system with the out-of-the-box feature.ย  So, it is suitable for the good things manufacture, distribution, and the importer. Nowadays, it becomes the comprehensive solution to provide the functionalities.

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The company designs BatchMaster to help the company which runs the food, cosmetic, nutraceutical, chemical, and the pharmaceutical. You can use it as the SAP Business One, QuickBooks, 300 ERP, an add-on to the Microsoft Dynamic GP, and Sage 100. The BatchMaster will control your inventory easily according to the expiration date, quality status, measurement units, lots number, and strength. Meanwhile, the customer can change the formula easily to fulfill the nutritional targets. You will run the report, labeling, shipping documentation, and the transactional audit reports suitable to your industry rule.


From those ERP software companies, Epicor offers the best solution for all wholesale distributors. The integrated application or the software is appropriate for the numerous industries. It is such as the plumbing, fluid power, electrical, medical, petroleum, and the fastener. On the other hands, there is an application for the order management, inventory management, transportation management, accounting, and purchasing.

Through the Business Analyser, this ERP software for small business also offers analysis and reporting. It converts the raw data into the business intelligence to adapt and optimize the process quickly. The Epicor software wholesale is Windows-based and the SQL database. Those platforms reduce the learning curve for the user and give the flexibility to react toward the market change. By the scalable system, Epicor matches for any size wholesale companies.

Well, those are the details and the companies of the ERP software for small business. Several products also provide it free but you must really care to get it. At this time, do not hesitate to add the management system in your business. The ERP for small business manufacturing product will optimize the run of the management and bring it to the world. Have you ever imagine owning the famous small business before? Toward the ERP software, everything is possible. Even, whatever business you have.

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