The Latest Review of the Information Technology Salary base on the Position

The Latest Review of the Information Technology Salary base on the Position

Have you just resigned and intend to try a new type of work? Working in the information technology seemly will be a good prospect later. Moreover, most companies give high cost as the information technology salary. Even though, you have a good skill about it so that you can enjoy the job. Besides that, the company and your partners will also give you fully trust. By the way, there are many branches in this field and you should know it. This article shows them below along with the salary.

information technology salary

Type of the Information technology Salary

1. Information Technology Director

The information technology salary for a director in the U.S. is about $186, 097 since July 31, 2018. Even though, the average salary is usually between $161,041 and $215,242. That all depends on some factors such as education, certification, additional skill, until the period of time.

2. Information Technology Generalist

The average salary for the generalist is $62.831 where it is usually about $57.084 up to $69.372. Similar to the director position, the salary range occurs from some factors. It includes the years of work, certification, education, and the additional skill.

3. Chief Information Technology Officer

Since July 31, 2018, the chief Information Technology officers get averagely $267.083. The average salary is between $221.009 and $324.343.

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4. Information Technology Manager

Commonly, the manager gets the average salary from $109,352 up to $138,996. Nevertheless, it stands at $123,586 since July 31, 2018.

5. Top Division Information Technology Executive

On July 31, 2018, the salary for the Top Division Information technology executive falls to $250,649. Meanwhile, they usually take $214,651 to $304,169.

6. Information Technology Auditor II

Apparently, the information technology salary for the auditor II also gets a decrease. They just received $ 78,357 where they usually get about $69,225 and $88,889.

7. Information Technology Auditor I

It turns out most of the salary for the Information technology get reductions for this year. It includes the Auditor I which only receives $60,762. They usually get between $54,870 and $71,486 before July 31, 2018.

8. Information Technology Supervisor II

The Supervisor II for the Information technology has $104,073 on July 31, 2018. It falls because the average salary is usually between $88,447 and $121,341.

9. Information Technology Auditor Manager

The Auditor Manager for the Information Technology Company commonly accepts between $111,736 and $141,322. Even though, the company just gives about $124,452.

10. Information Technology Auditor IV

The average salary for the Auditor IV also falls in $109,920 on July 31, 2018. They commonly get from $99,537 up to S124, 447.

The average salary both before and after July 31, 2018, has been ruled according to the important factors. You will get it base on your education background, certification, number of years, and the additional skill. Therefore, you should to look at and know yourself. Ask yourself whether those jobs suitable for you. If you have sure about your decision, prepare your best application letter soon. Before that, find out the company that needs the new employee in the U.S. By the way, this information technology salary is only as your reference. You perhaps will face bit different fact later. So, prepare it as good as possible.

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