The Information Communications Technology Industry in Ireland

Hello guys! In this nice opportunity, we are going to tell you about information communications technology industry. Especially, we will discuss it in Ireland. Have you known about Ireland? Actually, you need to know that Ireland is the second exporter of the computer and the services of information technology in the world. Besides, it includes the largest exporter. It is great, isn’t it? Then, Ireland has invited eight companies of universal information technology in order to build an important existence.

information communications technology industry

Some related and significant facts of the information communications technology industry

When we talk about the information communications technology industry, what do you think about that? Have you recognized some important facts about it? If you do not know it at all, you are suggested to give your good attention to this following explanation. Okay, let’s check it out now!

1. Ireland is the second largest exporter

The first fact is that Ireland becomes the second largest exporter. What is the exporter? In fact, it is the largest exporter of the computer and also the services of information technology in this world. In addition, it can establish the environment of an economical commercial tax and an open economy. It can be done by having the capable employees and highly innovative too.

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2. Global leaders have long established operations

The second fact of the information communications technology industry is that the international leaders have the operations which are long established in Ireland. You can find the sectors of the traditional players in which the operations are long established like Intel, IBM, HP, Apple, and also Microsoft.

3. Have been participated in the newer leading edge

Actually, it has been participated by the newer leading edge or the newer firms. It is especially at the vanguard of the internet and the revolution of social media. It can be Facebook, Google, Amazon, Linkedin, eBay, PayPal, and Twitter too. Their existence has pointed by Ireland as Europe’s capital of the internet.

4. Dublin is Europe’s leading

After that, in relation to the information communications technology industry, Dublin is Europe’s leading, you know. It leads the companies of creative games with Big Fish, Havok, EA, PopCap, Zynga, Riot Games, DemonWare, and also Jolt. In fact, they have an important existence in Ireland. Therefore, it can make a good reputation in the worldwide.

5. Having the sector accounts

Then, the last fact is that the industry of information communications technology has the sector accounts. It is proved by the information which shows that the sector accounts are more than €50 billion of the exports. Actually, it comes from Ireland per annum.

For the additional information, Ireland has finished an excellent job in building a Valley of proto Silicon. It can be done by inviting the names of the universal high-tech to the country. Thus, it can offer you a high-tech hinterland so that a smaller company is able to grow well.

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That’s an interesting discussion about some important facts of the information communications technology industry that you can know. We expect so much that you are able to understand it clearly.

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