The Best Information Technology Manager Salary

The Best Information Technology Manager Salary

In the midst of the current digital era, workers or human resources (HR) in the Information Technology (IT) sector are also increasingly needed. The reason is, the industrial sector is also increasingly utilizing technology in moving its business wheels. So, there are many people who want to know about information technology manager salary.

information technology manager salary

As a manager of information technology, it is reasonable the salary will be got is high. It is not easy for the process of information technology education. The salary information technology information manager is depending on the company and the country of your working place.

Robert Walters, a professional recruitment specialist company, revealed that the focus on business transformation to digital platforms also triggered the demand for professional human resources who have experience in managing change, especially those that have proven successful in managing corporate culture transformation. So, the information technology manager salary can be the nice information for you who are interested in this job.

The Newest Information Technology Manager Salary

As one of the important positions in the company, an IT staff usually has a fairly high bargaining position compared to other staff. This does not mean that staff from other parts is less important but because in some cases, IT staff manages several rules used by other staff. However, the information technology manager salary is always high. Why?

Nowadays, there are so many companies that need staff at work. As a result of this transformation, many companies want to employ professionals with digital expertise, both in the field of marketing and information technology, especially those who are proficient in running digital back-office infrastructure or with special technical expertise.

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Based on data from Robert Walter, the position of a class CTO / CIO (Chief Technical Officer / Chief Information Officer) can get a salary of up to $ 57.036,28 to $ 10.065.225 per year. Then the Head of IT position has an average salary of $ 43.615, 97 to $ 8.052.180 per year.

Then, the information technology manager salary for the position of class managers per year, such as the Program Manager gets a salary of $ 36905,82 to $ 67101,5, IT Manager $ 30195,67 to $ 48313,08, Project Manager $ 30195,67 $ 40260,9. Then Infrastructure Manager $ 23485,53 to $ 40260,9 and e-Commerce Manager $ 20130,45 to $ 46971,05 per year.

As for the position of Software Developer, get a salary of $14762, 33 to $ 33550, 75per year. The position of the Business Analyst is $ 14762, 33 to $ 30195, 67 per year, and for the Systems Engineer position gets a salary of $ 12749, 28 to $ 25498,57 per year.

The last, for the Architect position, you can get an average salary of $ 29524, 66 to $ 44286,99. Then the position of Business Intelligence Consultant is $ 22143, 49 to $ 33550,75 per year.

Well, it seems nice to be an information technology manager for the big company. The salary for this position is of course high. So, those are the information technology manager salary.

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