Text to Binary and Binary to Text, This is How A Computer Translate Your Text to Their Language

Ever wonder how your computer can translate your command or text into their language (Binary)?
What your computer does is translated your text into ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) code, then translated it into Binary. For example, when I type Yunar, it will translate first into

Text to ASCII symbol

Y=89 u=117 n=110 a=97 r=114

ASCII into Binary value

Y=89= ‭01011001‬
u=117= ‭01110101‬
n=110=  ‭01101110‬
a=97= ‭01100001‬
r=114= ‭01110010‬

Binary to ASCII :

1      1     1     1   1  1   1  1
128+64+32+16+8+4+2+1 = 255

0      0     0     0     0    0   0  0

0  +  0 +  0+  0+   0+  0+ 0+0 = 0
binary to text online
binary to number
Using Windows Calculator to translate from Dec/ASCII to biner.
From search column type Calc, then switch to Programmer.
binary code

Choose DEC, now any numbers you type in the calculator will be translated into Binary, Octex, or Hexadecimal

ASCII to binary
You can find a lot of text to ASCII calculators on the Internet:
ASCII to text
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