Robot Vacuum Reviews 2020 - Aiibot Has Strong Suction Power and Intelligent Sensors Will Clean Your Carpet and Hard Floor Easily 1

If you don’t have time to clean your house regularly, this is the perfect choice. Aiibot is a robot vacuum cleaner that designed and created to be a high quality kitchen / house electronics.

It will replace your traditional tool such as broom and dustpan. You will have a free time to do others while enjoy your clean house.
Aiibot has 3 different suction mode for different room size: Random mode, Automatic Mode, Edge Mode.

See how Aiibot works on the video below:

This robot vacuum cleaner works good on thick carpet, wooden floor, marble floor. The battery will last until 1 hour of operation.


robot vacuum reviews 2020

Aiibot vacuum cleaner able to detect stairs so it will not fall when found stairs.

robot vacuum for thick carpet

Only need 76mm height to make Aiibot able to clean your room, so it will mostly clean your house easily.

robot vacuum for hair

With double filter will make sure only small dirt and dust reach into dust box.

best robot vacuum for hardwood floors

Perfectly detecting object around the robot so it will not damage your furniture or the robot itself.

robot vacuum stairs

Able to clean small parts up to bean size garbage.

best robot vacuum for large house

Comes with a manual book, a remote control, an adaptor and backup sweeper.

best robot vacuum for carpet



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