Review of The GE CYNC Smart LED Light Bulb 1

Review of The GE CYNC Smart LED Light Bulb

Consider the following possibilities. Because of the placement of your room, you will be able to benefit from the early sunshine to brighten your space. Alternatively, you may like to modify the hue of the lighting in your room without changing the light bulb. Maybe all you want is to be able to alter the hue of the lights in your room from your phone. If you have had any of these issues, the GE SYNC Smart LED Light Bulb will make them disappear almost quickly.

What is it about this thing that we find appealing?

Several of these smart light bulbs were bought from Amazon. Although it has a promising function, the light bulb is available at an unexpectedly low price point. After enduring the arduous installation procedure, we were amazed by how simple it was to choose from the several color choices available. All we had to do was open the CYNC app and go to the color wheel.

The connection between the light bulb and our Amazon Alexa was seamless, and it was simple to provide a voice order to switch the light on or off. In addition to that, we were able to program the light to turn on and off at certain intervals on a schedule. Because our room receives just a little amount of early sunshine, one light bulb is sufficient to simulate the warmth of daybreak.

There are many things about this product that we dislike.

One of the issues we have about this product is that it is tough to integrate with third-party apps throughout the integration process. Our attempts to link the light to our smartphone app were unsuccessful the first time we attempted it. Even worse, it showed a notice informing the user that the device could not be added. Eventually, we were able to identify the issue that may have occurred as a result of the inadequate Wi-Fi signal that the light bulb was receiving.

To resolve this issue, we simply moved the light closer to our Wi-Fi port, allowing the light to establish a functional Wi-Fi connection. Following the entry of the Wi-Fi network password, we proceeded to configure the light bulb in accordance with the instructions provided by the app. In the end, everything worked out well. After the operation was completed, we simply put the light bulb in our room to complete the task. We were surprised to discover that the light bulb has been trouble-free ever since.



In general, the GE SYNC Smart LED Light Bulb performs well. Despite the fact that it does not have a plethora of color options, we are pleased with the color choices available via the app. The procedure of integrating the SYNC app may be more difficult than installing the greatest home monitoring system. It took some debugging and fiddling until the app and light bulb were back in working order. GE SYNC Smart LED Light Bulb is highly recommended if you don’t mind the trouble of downloading and integrating the app into your life.

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