How To Create Stunning Videos For YouTube?

YouTube is amongst one of the most powerful platforms in today’s world. It is an excellent way for businesses to gain exposure, artists to showcase their work, and even your average Joe to grow their audience. It does not have to be difficult, though there are some simple ways to create exciting videos that will give your content an edge and help you stand out from other people on the platform.

Today we will talk about what should go into creating a YouTube video and provide some valuable tactics that anyone would find helpful who wants to design video content that attracts views and attention.

How To Create Stunning Videos For YouTube?

  1. Think About Your Audience and What You Want to Say

Your video does not exist in a vacuum. Before you even begin recording or editing, you need to know who you are talking to and what idea you want them to leave with after watching your video. That may sound like an obvious first step, but many people fail to take it, which is surprising. They create videos and hope the right person comes along and views their content. That is not how it works.

Let’s say you want to get new people to come and purchase your product. You need to think of a way to get them to click on your video and then give them a convincing reason why they should buy from you and not your competitors in the marketplace. Highlight the additional benefits they will receive when they purchase from you. Do this by knowing your target audience in advance and talking about their problems, how your product solves said issues, and what they will get in return for purchasing from you.

  1. Create a Concept

Once you know what you wish to say, the next step is to develop an exciting way of saying it. For example, if you’ve set a goal to get more people to buy your product, figure out how to make it interesting enough for people to click on it.

The same goes for creating a video tutorial; know what you want your viewers to learn and excitingly tell them. Do not talk about something boring. Try something more original, even if it seems strange at first. You never know what people will respond to best; give them something unusual and watch their reaction.

  1. Create a Script and Outline

The script is what you will be saying in your video. If you cannot talk about your video excitingly, your viewers will not find it interesting either. It is hard to make a YouTube video if you do not have a workable script to use as a foundation. In addition, the more detailed the script, the easier it will be for you to create your content because you can follow it closely without missing important points.

If you do not want to write the entire thing yourself, try collaborating with someone else on this part of the work – they might have a better way of explaining things than you would. They will also help you to come up with ideas that are unique and interesting.

  1. Make Your Video Interesting

Make sure you always have some visual stimulus on the screen so that your viewers do not get bored. It is important to remember that you do not need to be using special effects or expensive tools to keep people’s attention on the screen.

For example, if you’re talking with someone in your video, show both of you. That way, they will feel like they are watching a real live conversation instead of just staring at static images on their screens.

If you want to show something visually stimulating that is relevant to what you are talking about, go ahead but make sure it is not distracting from the actual message of the video.

  1. Do Quality Editing

This is a part where a lot of people make mistakes. But it does not have to be complicated. If you are not doing something too fancy with your video, it is probably OK to leave the editing to the default YouTube platform or program you use to record and render your videos.

However, suppose you want to use more than one colour for text or backgrounds, create fancy animations, or do complex editing work. In that case, it might be better for you to use a video maker for YouTube that supports those capabilities.

  1. Work on the Sound

Probably you knew this previously, but it is still important to mention that sound is an essential part of any video because it helps tell your story and create a sense of atmosphere. If you do not have subtitles or excellent audio to go along with your video, people might get confused and wonder what you are saying.

  1. Make Use of Tags and Titles

Tags are something that people search for on YouTube to find the content they are interested in. These tags can be put into the title of your video. So if you want more people to find your content, you should be sure that your title uses relevant tags that they might search for.

This is important because the only way anyone will see it is if it shows up in their recommendations list after watching similar videos. And that is really where YouTube marketing comes in. Your videos will not go anywhere if you do not know how to find people and get them to watch your content.

  1. Format Your Video

The formatting is what people will see when they first view your video. It is how the picture looks on their screens. The “thumbnail” or “cover” image that you show looks better if it is well-lit and colourful, but not as much to distract them from the actual content of the video.

Also, consider using music whose tone matches the overall mood of your video. People will often appreciate any music, but for helping to set the tone, you might want to try using songs with an emotional or playful basis.

YouTube is a powerful platform for video marketing. It’s a place where people come across to watch videos about a wide variety of topics. As long as you can create exciting content to engage viewers, YouTube is the perfect place to promote your product or service.


Post Title and Meta Description Super Important Is A Fact!

Post Title and Meta Description Super Important Is A Fact!

12 days ago I did an experiment with customer’s website posts. The experiment is to change post title and to add a meta description. Now I found the result is very good!

Let’s elaborate the case below:

I do not guarantee that following my article here will increase your traffic/keywords position on the search engine. But at least this is what I believed based on my test and experience. This post is for my reminder only.

Post Title:
Changed post title to make it more attractive to visitors by making it a questions sentence to adding numbers. The goal is to make visitors click on our posts.

Meta Description:
I add meta descriptions manually to the post. The goal is to make it more relevant to the content. The meta description I wrote is a summary of the post article itself.

Changes made 9 Oct 2019

From 25 posts I made changes to 13 posts. The unchanged posts are because I need to revise the post first before I changed the title and meta description.

Search Result on 20 Oct 2019

Position and traffic more stable than before changes.
Google Search result:
Post title changed
The meta description is not changed. Google/search engine has the right to show what to display on their search result.

Now maybe you think that you have to make changes to your thousand posts, manually, what should I do? My suggestion is to make changes to your most important post first. Do it gradually until all posts changed.

How About To Add Meta Description Automatically Using Plugin?

It’s better than not, but if you manually create the meta description, you can create what the meta description will be. When using plugin it usually took from the first paragraph.

Don’t Change your post title if you think they already good.

This article is related to this post.


Paypal Access Denied, You don’t have permission to access “” on this server.

Paypal Access Denied, You don’t have permission to access “” on this server.

One of my clients just paid my invoice, and it’s time to check on Paypal’s dashboard. When I tried to open Paypal’s website there is an error message
“Access Denied” You don’t have permission to access “” on this server.
I never see this error before, the last time I access Paypal last week everything was fine, but after that I create a new Paypal account for a company from my laptop that usually only access to my personal Paypal account. Could this be the problem?
If that was the problem then this is not good at all because I didn’t anything harmful to them. How about my problem below, what should I do?
paypal access denied
Error message when cannot access my Paypal account

Using VPN To Access Paypal Account

I have a lifetime subscription of Keep Solid VPN unlimited and I will try to access using it.

virtual private network
Keep Solid Unlimited VPN

To my surprise I can access my Paypal account when using VPN, I choose the Singapore server because this is the closest server from my current location in Bandung, Indonesia.

paypal balance

Conclusion on the problem Paypal Access Denied

I cannot access Paypal because they banned the IP address. I didn’t do anything harm with my Paypal account. All I have done was creating a new Paypal for a Company account using the same computer.

The other possibility is because this is a dynamic IP address where I can get a different IP address from the ISP whenever I connect to the ISP. I got an IP address where coincidentally banned by Paypal.
Hopefully this posting helpful when you face the same problem.

The correct solution for Paypal Access Denied Problem

On Nov 23, 2019, I can access Paypal’s website from my home internet without doing anything to fix the Access Denied problem, so the problem gone by itself. So it was a temporary problem I guess.

I found on that some people are having the same problem with a slightly different error message:

Access Denied You don’t have permission to access

They all resolved the problem using VPN as I did but this is not the correct way to fix the problem as Paypal is not permit us to use any proxies service or VPN to access their website.
The correct way is to open a ticket at give them a specific example. So next time you find the same problem, contact them and open a ticket. Hope will be resolved fast.
Read my other Paypal solution here:

Your Paypal Account has been Restricted and Cannot Make Payment?

Paypal is one of the first and biggest money processor on the Internet. They want keep everything secure. With this policy sometimes we found its not practical to the user. If we can understand that what they are doing today is to keep the system secure.

I don’t know how many per day Paypal being attacked by the people who want to get access to the website and get away with money.

I myself a Paypal user since more than 7 years ago and found that they system is secure. I never get any serious problem except the money rate which is relatively high, compare to the local Bank rate.

Note: If you are at home you can work around the problem by turning off the modem for 10 minutes then turn back on. The purpose is to get a new IP address that not blocked by Paypal. But if the Paypal blocked a series of IP addresses and not a single IP address this trick may not work. I usually turn off the modem at night and turn back on in the morning, so that the IP address is changed. So my problem accessing Paypal is usually a temporary problem, I can access Paypal on the other day.

I hope your paypal access denied problem will resolved successfully.

WordPress Publishing Failed Error or Updating Failed

WordPress Publishing Failed Error or Updating Failed

I just set up another WordPress website that running on version 5.2.4 after choosing my favorite theme, setup my plugins it’s time to test posting.

I am using VPS hosting, mythemeshop theme, latest WordPress version, and SSL activated (htttps)

To be surprised I cannot create a post at all. There was an error “Publishing Failed” this is the first time I found this error. Usually, when something strange with WordPress I will deactivate all plugins, but this is new WP installation means not many plugins, it’s only standard plugins that newer gives a problem.

After Googling, some say it’s because Gutenberg editor and I have to revert it to the classic editor. To resolve this I tried one by one “Classic Editor” and “Disable Gutenberg” plugins.
Yes I can save posting, but I cannot write on visual mode, I should switch to HTML mode to be able to write words.

This is absolutely not right, there still something wrong with the system but still don’t know what. I found a Youtube video that fix this error by changing the value of WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address URL to “/” but this must be done on database level using PHP My admin which is not too easy.

Wordpress Publishing Failed Error or Updating Failed 1

Knowing that the problem is with SSL installation, then I tried to install Really Simple SSL plugin, and surprisingly it works.

really simple ssl

So if you found similar problem like I did, just to install this plugin first, hope it helps!

Speed Up WordPress Using Cloudflare and WP Fastest Cache Plugin

Speed Up WordPress Using Cloudflare and WP Fastest Cache Plugin

Speed Up WordPress using Cloudflare and WP Fastest Cache – This is my experience working with the client’s website. While other sites might give you general ways to speed up your WordPress site. In this post, I gave you a very specific requirement to speed up WordPress.

About the website: My client website is a comic publisher for children in Indonesia, the main market is Indonesian, but sometimes we got traffic from Malaysia and Singapore as our language is in Bahasa Indonesia.

The website has quite a lot of pictures, the posting content is about the comics we just published and general knowledge about children’s world and parenting.


Speed up WordPress By Choose The Best Hosting Provider

My hosting company is Hostinger. Actually, I accidentally using this hosting provider. My first objective is to choose Jakarta based server as majority traffic will come from Indonesia and we have a national backbone across the country.

The Hostinger address is and the website is in Bahasa Indonesia so I thought they must have Jakarta based web server.

Later I found that they don’t have Jakarta based web server yet ( July 2018) and until now they still don’t have servers in Jakarta. The closest location is in Singapore. Singapore is actually quite close to Indonesia but my worry is when the undersea fiber optic cut off by vessel.

Hostinger is actually a good hosting provider but I have a little bit serious problem. Many times ( 1-2 times a week). Our website cannot be accessed from several ISP, I noticed from 2 different ISP the website cannot be accessed at a certain time (random).

I already asked this problem to Hostinger but they argue that the website is accessible from their end and they suggest us to contact ISP for this problem. If I asked ISP they will also argue that other websites are accessible ( although I have traceroute record to trace the problem).

Website (WordPress) Settings

I am using WordPress version 5.2.2. and PHP version 7. I also using 17 plugins, yes this is too many, the least you install plugins the better. I hope you can use as minimal plugins as possible.

Speed up WordPress By Choose The Best CDN

As the problem with our website that cannot be accessed from certain ISP at certain times continues I have an idea to change the ISP company to others. However proposing a plan to Finance dept is another problem, they will not approve without good justification.

As I know that the problem with DNS I have another idea to use Cloudflare as they have distributed DNS across the World. Cloudflare also gives protection to DDOS attack as well as CDN.

I know about Cloudflare a long time ago but what held me back from using it because I worry that the traffic will decrease after changed. Fortunately, my traffic getting better after I implemented this.

Cloudflare setting

cloudflare speed tab

On the Speed section, choose the Optimization tab and scroll to Auto Minify. Make sure you check Java Script, CSS, and HTML minify, because this is better than WP Fastest Cache.

Speed Up Wordpress Using Cloudflare and WP Fastest Cache Plugin 2
my profile
View and copy API key from Cloudflare as you will need this to be filled on WP fastest cache settings.
Cloudflare API

Make sure you save your Cloudflare API to be entered to WP Fastest Cache plugin.

Speed Up WordPress By Choose The Best Cache Plugin

I am usually using W3Cache plugin but I also seek another caching plugin to use. Finally, I found Wp Fastest Cache plugin, the interface is much simpler than other cache plugin and the best part is it work great with our website.

WP Fastest Cache Plugin Settings

On WP fastest cache settings make sure you uncheck minify HTML and minify CSS because we already activate this on Cloudflare.
Speed Up Wordpress Using Cloudflare and WP Fastest Cache Plugin 3
On the CDN tab make sure you fill your email address and API from Cloudflare. This step will integrate WP fastest cache with Cloudflare.
Speed Up Wordpress Using Cloudflare and WP Fastest Cache Plugin 4

Speed test result

Below I show you Test speed result using Google Pagespeed Insight and GTMetrix. The result below is pretty good considering I have 17 plugins installed, many pictures on the website, Facebook Pixel code, Histats code, Mailchimp code, Google fonts, slide show.
Every component above contributes to the slower speed of our website.

Google pagespeed insight

pagespeed insight desktop
The score of 97 out of 100 for Desktop version is quite impressive, I am satisfied with the score.
pagespeed insight mobile
The score of 78 out of 100 is pretty good for me as I am only using free version of WP Fastest Cache plugin. The premium version will cache mobile version and other cool versions that will speed up the score. Most of the visitors are coming from mobile devices, so I recommend maximizing score of the mobile version. Sometimes I got a better score up to 89.


GTMetrix is one of the most used to test website speed, using GTMetrix I am glad that fully load time is 2.2 seconds. This score varies sometimes I get 2.8 secs.
gtmetrix test result

Traffic after Cloudflare Implementation

I am glad that I was wrong, the website traffic is getting better after Cloudflare implementation.
histats traffic after cloudflare implementation

Sorry that I canot give you Score before using Cloudflare, Cache plugin but trust me it was bad.
I hope you will learn something from my case to speed up WordPress using Cloudflare and Wp fastest cache plugin. Let me know when you have questions on the comment below.

Tweaking Website Sep,4 2019

To fix broken link
I use Broken Link Checker plugin by ManageWP. This is very good plugin to check and fix broken link that bad for SEO. For blogger I use Brokenlinkcheck.
I also remove website column on the comment by adding the script below on function.php

add_filter(‘comment_form_default_fields’, ‘website_remove’);
function website_remove($fields)

return $fields;

This will reduce broken link when someone add non exist website on the website comment section.
This also will decrease spam bot which try to add link via comment.

Try to decrease bounce rate
Our current bounce rate is 83% this is not good. I add script <base target=’_blank’ /> on footer.php this script will open new tab everytime visitor click any link on the website. Update Feb 2020: This trick no longer works.

Update PHP version
I update PHP version to 7.3 from 7.0 for security reason.

traffic increase after tweaking
Traffic Increase after weaking

Speed up WordPress Without Cloudflare

Several days ago I tried to speed up my other client’s website that did not use Cloudflare. The website industry is a print shop. They print wedding cards, calendar, banner, memory book and many more.
Initial speed test according to GTmetrix was very slow, fullyloaded time 12.7 s, total page size 6.25MB.

speed up wordpress
Website speed before optimized

Below is current speed after being optimized:
Fully loaded time is 5.3s, total page size is 2.14MB. I cannot make the size smaller because it using elementor, also the are many images on the website.

optimized website
Website speed after optimized
wordpress optimization without cloudflare
Inner page speed that did not have many pictures

On google speed insight the score is 90 for mobile and 99 for desktop.

Below are steps and plugin I used.

1. Autoptimize version 2.5.1
This plugin will speed up your site by optimizing CSS, JS, Images, Google fonts and more

Autoptimize settings
Autoptimize settings CSS options
Autoptimize settings HTML options
Autoptimize settings Misc options
Autoptimize settings extra tab

2. Lazy load by WP rocket version 2.3.2
This plugin will defered images on your website, it will only show the image when user scroll the display.

lazy loads settings

3. WP fastest cache version
WP fastest cache in term of setting is the most simple yet the performance is good.

wp fastest cache settings
Part of this post section is inspired from Thanks Kang Herman.

Update 26 April 2020

I have another website that has ads installed, histats code, DMCA banner, and Feedburner banner on every webpage. Remember that the more code you have, the speed become slower. I hosted the website with Hawkhost on shared plan package.
It’s already cloudflare activated. I already tweak the speed to make it as fastest as possible but it always stuck at C(70%) and D(60%).
before really simple SSL
However, after I add really simple SSL and moved 301 redirections into .htaccess file I had a better speed B(81%) and D(64%).
Actually the plugin did not directly speed up the process but it detects that I have 301 redirections enable and it recommends moving into file .htaccess When I follow the recommendation boom the speed much better and I satisfied with the result.
301 redirects
I don’t expect to get score A and A because of ads and many codes that I have on the website.
after really simple SSL


How To Clear Cache, History And Cookies On The Computer and Smartphone

How To Clear Cache, History And Cookies On The Computer and Smartphone

How to clear cache, history, and cookies – You already know that on every computer and smartphone there are cache, history, and cookies? Let me remind what is cache, history, and cookies in the term of the computer world.

What is cache

A cache is temporary files that saved locally on your computer/smartphone from the web server when you browse the internet. By having locally stored files, your computer doesn’t need to take all the information from the server, thus your browsing activity is faster and you save the amount of traffic transferred from the server to your devices.

What are cookies

Cookies, on the other hand, is a small program that records certain data to customize your internet browsing experience. When you visited a website like Amazon, the page will greet you as below picture without you have to input your name. The other function of a cookie is to send user behavior when browsing the Internet.

cookie on Amazon website

What is history

History is records of the visited website, you can access it by pressing CTRL+H. I always using history when I want to know the website I visited yesterday but I don’t remember what was that.

delete browsing history

Why you want to delete cache

When we feel that our browsing speed become slower as the files that stored locally getting bigger and bigger. Another problem we may find when we have too many cache files is sometimes the information is not current. This is when you want to delete the cache.

Why you want to delete cookies

Delete cookies is very recommended when you have done internet banking activity or other activity that including sensitive data. If you are using a public computer is highly recommended to delete cache, history, and cookies.

How to delete cache on Google Chrome

Click 3 vertical dot on top right section of Google Chrome, click more tools
more tools
Click Clear Browsing Data or click Ctrl+Shift+Del
delete browsing data
delete browsing history
delete cache files

delete cookies

How to delete cache automatically?

Best practice is to always logout everytime you finish working with the computer, by doing so all browsing data (cache, cookies, and history) will deleted automatically from current computer.
how to delete browsing data automatically

How To Save Pictures From Instagram Without Installing A Program

How To Save Pictures From Instagram Without Installing A Program

Instagram now has become a favorite social media to share your pictures and videos. We often found many very attractive pictures that we want to save them. However, we confuse how to save those pictures from Instagram.

Below are how I save great pictures from Instagram without an additional program:

Using screenshot

The method is very simple when you want to save the picture from Instagram just screenshot the display, on my Samsung phone, I pressed the power button + home button at the same time. We can later get rid of the unnecessary part of pictures easily.

Save on Instagram

Don’t you know that we can save all pictures and videos on Instagram? Just looking for save icon on the right bottom area of a picture and click that icon, done you already save it.
how to save instagram photos android
When you want to see what the pictures and videos you already saved. Click the 3 horizontal lines on top right area.
how to save instagram photos to phone
Click the Saved Icon
how to save instagram photos to phone 3
Now you see all the pictures and video you have saved 
how to save instagram photos to phone 4
Very simple and effective step to save the pictures.

Save the URL

When you open Instagram from the web, you can also save the picture by Copy Link command.

how to save pictures from instagram on pc

Click copy link, nothing happen but it actually already copy to the memory, you just need to paste when ready.

how to save other peoples instagram photos

Open site, paste the link by clicking right click on the provided column on
Click download Image. now you already save the picture on your computer.

I hope you enjoy my post today on how to save pictures from Instagram without installing a program.
How To Stop Windows 10 Update And What Is Other Option?

How To Stop Windows 10 Update And What Is Other Option?

Why do you want to stop windows 10 update?

The most common reason, that sometimes it takes a very long time to update the Windows 10 system. Especially when we want to shut down or restart the computer. Can you imagine when you need to do an important presentation but need to restart the computer first. When you click the button to restart, you only find the option to updates and restart or updates and shutdown. When you choose to update and restart it will take a very long time to updates. This is annoying when we need to restart the computer and use it immediately.

What Is Windows 10 Updates?

Windows update is a service that updating Windows and other Microsoft product and sometimes well-known driver software to use the newest software to make sure it fixes potential problems and safe from vulnerabilities.

The Best Option To Keep Your Windows Updates But Does Not Stop You To Works Efficiently

Windows already provides the best option to make sure your windows updated but does not interrupt our works.

Do you still want to stop windows 10 updates?

Unfortunately, you cannot stop Windows 10 from being updated as explained by Microsoft in However, you can delay the update for 35 days.

Delay the Windows updates up to 35 days

1. Type Windows Update Settings in the search bar

windows update settings

2. Turn on the Pause Updates button, it will delay updates for 35 days.

delay windows updates

The other work around is to stop and disabled windows updates service

Disabled Windows update service

1. Type services in the search bar and click the services app. Look for Windows update, right click and click stop. Right click and click properties.
stop windows update service

2. Changes startup type from enable to disabled. Click OK.

disabled windows update service

The steps above will stop Windows 10 to updates for sometimes (weeks) but eventually, it will force Windows 10 to Updates.

How To Delete Gmail Account in 2020

How To Delete Gmail Account in 2020

For some reason, you want to delete your Gmail account and it’s email content. Don’t worry you can only delete Gmail account without deleting other Google services like Youtube, Google Drive, and others.

Deleting Gmail account is quite easy, you only need to know where to click 😉
Please check step by step below to delete Gmail account permanently.

1. Go to and login with your email that you want to delete

how to delete gmail account 2019

2. Make sure you are login using the correct email address

google account settings

3. Click  grid icon on the upper right

delete google history

 4. Click Account to continue

how to delete gmail account from computer

5. Click Manage Your Data and personalization.

remove gmail account from list

6. Under Things you create and do, click Gmail

permanently delete emails

7. Under popular Google services, click the drop-down icon to expand the option.

can i delete my gmail account and recreate it

8. Click 3 dot vertical icon to continue.

can you delete a gmail email address

9. Click Delete Gmail

how to delete gmail account on iphone

10. You will be asked to log in again to authenticate

delete google history

Optionally you can choose to download your data (email) to save any information before deleted permanently.

11. Click the trash icon next to Gmail

how to delete gmail account from iphone

 12. Enter alternate email address (cannot another gmail address). 

This is require so that you can use another Google services using that alternate email address.
Remember, deleting Gmail account does not mean delete other Google services.
If you want to delete all Google services you have to choose Delete Google Account not Gmail account.

How To Freeze Rows And Column In Excel 2016

How To Freeze Rows And Column In Excel 2016

Working with a big spreadsheet you will want to be able to see the header, usually top row and first column although you scroll the bar on the side or bottom section. This is what called freeze rows and columns.
In Excel 2016 we can freeze first row, first column, row and column and we can unfreeze all of them to make the spreadsheet back to the original position.

Freeze First Row or Top Row

Click View-Free Top Row and your row number 1 will stay visible when you slide to the bottom. To freeze the first third rows, click on any column in the fourth row, click View-Freeze-Freeze Panes.

freeze first row

Freeze First Column

Click View-Freeze First Column make column A stay visible when you slide left and right. To freeze the first third column click the whole fourth column by clicking column’s header, for example, column header E. Click-View-Freeze Panes.
freeze first column

Freeze Certain Rows and Column

Click on the cell just under the row and next to columns you want to freeze. Click View-Freeze panes will make the rows and columns above and besides current active cursor keep visible or not scrollable.
freeze rows and column

Unfreeze Panes

Unfreeze panes will make all rows and columns in current sheet scrollable, or back to original position. 
unfreeze row and column

In the sample above I am using Excel 2016 but excel in another version will be the same except the location of Freeze panes slightly different.

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