The Best Information Technology Manager Salary

The Best Information Technology Manager Salary

In the midst of the current digital era, workers or human resources (HR) in the Information Technology (IT) sector are also increasingly needed. The reason is, the industrial sector is also increasingly utilizing technology in moving its business wheels. So, there are many people who want to know about information technology manager salary.

information technology manager salary

As a manager of information technology, it is reasonable the salary will be got is high. It is not easy for the process of information technology education. The salary information technology information manager is depending on the company and the country of your working place.

Robert Walters, a professional recruitment specialist company, revealed that the focus on business transformation to digital platforms also triggered the demand for professional human resources who have experience in managing change, especially those that have proven successful in managing corporate culture transformation. So, the information technology manager salary can be the nice information for you who are interested in this job.

The Newest Information Technology Manager Salary

As one of the important positions in the company, an IT staff usually has a fairly high bargaining position compared to other staff. This does not mean that staff from other parts is less important but because in some cases, IT staff manages several rules used by other staff. However, the information technology manager salary is always high. Why?

Nowadays, there are so many companies that need staff at work. As a result of this transformation, many companies want to employ professionals with digital expertise, both in the field of marketing and information technology, especially those who are proficient in running digital back-office infrastructure or with special technical expertise.

Based on data from Robert Walter, the position of a class CTO / CIO (Chief Technical Officer / Chief Information Officer) can get a salary of up to $ 57.036,28 to $ 10.065.225 per year. Then the Head of IT position has an average salary of $ 43.615, 97 to $ 8.052.180 per year.

Then, the information technology manager salary for the position of class managers per year, such as the Program Manager gets a salary of $ 36905,82 to $ 67101,5, IT Manager $ 30195,67 to $ 48313,08, Project Manager $ 30195,67 $ 40260,9. Then Infrastructure Manager $ 23485,53 to $ 40260,9 and e-Commerce Manager $ 20130,45 to $ 46971,05 per year.

As for the position of Software Developer, get a salary of $14762, 33 to $ 33550, 75per year. The position of the Business Analyst is $ 14762, 33 to $ 30195, 67 per year, and for the Systems Engineer position gets a salary of $ 12749, 28 to $ 25498,57 per year.

The last, for the Architect position, you can get an average salary of $ 29524, 66 to $ 44286,99. Then the position of Business Intelligence Consultant is $ 22143, 49 to $ 33550,75 per year.

Well, it seems nice to be an information technology manager for the big company. The salary for this position is of course high. So, those are the information technology manager salary.

Write the Perfect Information Technology Cover Letter

Write the Perfect Information Technology Cover Letter

Do you know to write the information technology cover letter which is perfect? Before discussing it more, you should recognize the fact at the present time. Well, recently, many people have information technology degrees and also computer programming. The improvement of them makes the job seeker unwelcoming. In order to solve this problem, you are very suggested to write the cover letter of information technology in an ideal way. Actually, it can make your application letter stand out and becomes professional.

information technology cover letter

The tips for writing the information technology cover letter

In writing the information technology cover letter, there are some tips to make it perfect and ideal. So, if you are able to write the cover letter well, you will offer the skills which you have based on the requirements. Greatly, it can help you when you have a job interview. Then, in relation to the tips, there are some tips that you have to do in writing the cover letter of information technology. Please pay attention to these following discussions well!

1. Modify or make your letter special

The first tip in writing the information technology cover letter is making special to your letter. What does it mean, guys? Well, when you are writing or creating the cover letter for having the positions in the information technology, you should do something. What is it? Yeah, you have to convince that your own letter covers the specific experience. Besides, you should also have the skills which are related to the position that is required. In this case, you have to achieve the goal which you can show how good you are.

2. Use keywords

Then, the second tip that you should do is using some keywords. On the other hand, you can also use the phrases which come from the list of the job in your letter. It is better for you to know that this tip or step is so important, especially for an information technology position. In this tip, you are suggested to make a circle for the important words in the list of the job. It should be done in a specific way. After that, you can also circle the job qualifications in the cover letter.

3. Point out the value

The third tip of writing information technology cover letter is pointing out or highlighting the value. It means that if you cannot tell the achievement using the numbers, what can you do? That’s right! You are able to offer real examples from the work achievements.

4. Think to use bullet points

The last tip that you can do is using the bullet points. We are so sure that you, of course, want to use some bullet points although you are writing a letter. Before using it, you can start writing a letter with a paragraph of introductory. It usually tells the reason why you are writing a letter. After that, you are allowed to use some bullet points in the list of the reasons. Please remember that you should start writing in each bullet point using an action word. In fact, it could make the cover letter easier to read by everyone.

Well, those are the four tips in writing information technology cover letter. Just understand them well because they are very clear to learn.

Here the Information Technology Degree Salary!

Here the Information Technology Degree Salary!

Working as staff in information technology seems nice. There is much information that the salary for information technology is high. Some sources preach that Information technology degree salary is better than the other position. Jobs with large salaries now come from the technology sector. A world that already relies on technology certainly requires many IT experts and that is a huge opportunity.

information technology degree salary

In an era that has been dominated by this technology, there is also a great opportunity for technology work. Many billionaires have sprung up from technology, such as Bill Gates (Microsoft), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Evan Spiegel (Snapcat), Jack Ma (Alibaba) and many more.

7 Information Technology Degree Salaries

Information technology degree salary for each position is different. The development of technology also makes the work focus more diverse. Here are 7 jobs with large salaries related to technology and salary ranges in general in the world, especially in developed countries.

1. Software Engineer

The first position of a job with a large salary in the technology field is a Software Engineer. A software engineer is one of the most popular IT professions. His job is to design and develop a software system for the needs of users, and after that must also maintain. Because of the vast scope of work involved, a software engineer must master various languages of computer programs and applications. The information technology degree salary: $ 90,000 (± 1.19 billion)

2. System Engineer

This job is to design and manage various systems in the company. He must ensure that all systems from hardware, software and computer networks always run well. For this reason, he will be given the key password for a company network. The average annual salary: $ 83,000 (± 1.09 billion)

3. Network Engineer

The main task is to manage the network of a company or institution that is used for data exchange. Network marketing position is very important in a company because it regulates the network from small scale to large scale. Workaround network design, network administrator, installation, and maintenance. The average annual salary of this profession is $ 80,000 (± 1.05 billion)

4. Software Developer

A software developer is more than a programmer because it is not just coding but also has to make interesting, quality and acceptable software for users. The information technology degree salary $ 78,000 (± 1.03 billion)

5. Web Master

A webmaster has the ability to make web designs to be attractive and also able to create website applications like those done by web developers. However, for webmasters, it has advantages to design the face of the website to be more attractive. The average annual salary: $ 73,000 (± 963 million)

6. Web Developer

This job is to create a website-based application. A web developer must master various programming languages such as PHP, Java, and Python and so on. Web developers act as a link for all resources such as databases, dynamic web pages and also how visitors interact through the website. The average annual salary: $ 69,000 (± 910 million)

7. Graphic Design

His job is as a medium of communication between companies and target consumers. A graphic designer must have design, creativity and artistic abilities. The average annual salary: $ 65,000 (± 858 million)

Well, those are 7 information technology degree salaries based on its job. Are you interested to work in that position?

Information Technology manager: A High-level Position that lifts the quality of Life Faster

Information Technology manager: A High-level Position that lifts the quality of Life Faster

It is a natural thing when humans work for a long time and want a higher position. An example is the information technology manager position that has an abundant salary. In fact, some people have planned their goals as early as possible by majoring in manager specialist relate to IT major. Honestly, that is all is not wrong because it becomes part of their natural character. Someone who wants to gain this purpose must work hard to reach it. By the way, this site is helping you to make it true. Let’s see how it do it for you!

information technology manager

Unpacked All about the Information Technology Manager

Working as the information technology manager is easy as long as you prepare it well long before. You realize that you have bit skill about it and quite develop through the courses or college. Demand for this job position has indeed increased to 15 percent each year until 2024. However, that does not guarantee you can enter easily because the more demand means. Why is this demand always increasing? This arises because technology has taken over most of human life. Thus, professionals are present to solve problems related to information systems and computers.

Being a successful manager with IT field needs:

1. Consider business strategies as well as direction when making decisions

2. Plan and manage successful projects

3. Determine the exact risks, costs, time limits and backup solutions

4. Have a strong analytical mindset

5. Communicate effectively with both the top management and your team

What are the responsibilities of the IT Manager? There are two kinds of responsibilities from this career. Firstly, they must increase productivity within an organization through software and hardware problem solver also manage the team. Secondly, Manage an IT specialist will plan and implement projects to develop the IT network.

What is the career development of an information technology manager? As it turns out, there are more than 50% of those who are promoted to become IT Directors. In addition, they can also choose other positions such as executive positions (Chief Information Officer 1 and Chief Technology Officer.2).

Working at an early level IT manager only requires a few years of experience as a computer system analysis and other IT specialists. However, it is different from those who want to rise to the position of executive manager. A manager has 50-10 years of work experience as a high-level IT Manager. Information Technology Director, Chief Information Officer (CIO), and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) are the most favorite option to move up.

The last of this article will discuss educational needs. An effective IT management professional at least requires a Bachelor’s degree. They must be able to master the knowledge of computer-related fields. For example, computer science, information systems, engineering, and management information systems. However, several Employers prefer an IT Managers which expert in business management skills. Therefore, the employee has to own a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) degree. Well, the opportunity as the information technology manager is very tempting. If you feel that this position is suitable for your heart, make the step ahead soon. Then, see yourself with amazing performance several years later.

Six Top Kinds of the Information Technology in Healthcare

Six Top Kinds of the Information Technology in Healthcare

Hello guys! What do you know about information technology in healthcare? Could you explain it in detail? Well, it is the area of information technology which involves the development, the design, the use, the creation, and the information systems maintenance. It is of course for the industry of healthcare. Then, many experts in the healthcare of the information technology look at the improvement of the trends number. It influences the organizations of the provider for the next year.

information technology in healthcare

Six kinds of information technology in healthcare

If we talk about information technology in healthcare, it is better for you to recognize some types of it. In this case, we provide six types that you should know. Are you curious with them, guys? Let’s discuss it one by one!

1. Artificial intelligence

The first type is called artificial intelligence. The use of artificial learning, learning of machine, and the processing of natural language has been done in 2016. However, most of the applications are based on the specialized of artificial intelligence.

2. Blockchain

The second kind of information technology in healthcare is the blockchain. It starts appearing in the financial industry for the transactions of the cryptocurrency. In addition, the blockchain should be able to adapt in order to increase health records. Besides, it is also used to interact with the stakeholder who is available.

3. The cloud

Many investments which are speed up in the healthcare of the information technology is hoped to include in the cloud. Thus, the elasticity of the cloud is needed here. Why can it be like that? The reason is that the elasticity or flexibility makes it easy to associate the technologies which will be used.

4. Consumer-facing technology

Research found that digital communication growth and the patient data which is available will change the industry of the healthcare. On the other hand, it shows that 91 percent of the healthcare customers have the benefit from the apps on their mobile phone. While other research shows that 80 percent of the customers prefer using a mobile phone to a visit to the traditional office.

5. Disease management technology

In relation to the information technology in healthcare, disease management technology is also available. It can be proved since the organizations of the healthcare face the growing pressure in order to distinguish the treatment of the disease. Furthermore, the innovation in the predictive analytics of mobile, machine learning, and the applications of new data will offer easy access.

6. Imaging

Then, the sixth kind is called imaging. The growth or progress of it will continue to have an adaptation to the new incentives of reimbursement. This opinion is said by the CEO of Ambra Health, Morris Panner. Besides, he also expects that the imaging of the enterprise medical will improve the eliminate requirement for the processing which is duplicative. In addition, the imaging will have a significant role in helping the clinicians in order to make the diagnoses earlier.

That’s the interesting discussion about the six top kinds of the information technology in healthcare. We hope so much that it will be beneficial for you.

Clearly Discussing an Information Technology Specialist Salary

Clearly Discussing an Information Technology Specialist Salary

Hi good people. Do you want to know about an information technology specialist salary? If so, we want to tell you. Before we share with you the precise salary for this job, we want to tell how this specialist works. Well, some specialists work closely with a variety of certain technology products. They do it from their design to the regular repair and also upkeep. Generally, they provide the services as what the company needs related to the software, hardware, and even database. So, this specialist has an important role in the company.

information technology specialist salary

Let’s reveal the information technology specialist salary

To know the information technology specialist salary can be very important for those who have a relationship with this matter. So, in this good opportunity, we want to share with you how much the amount of salary every specialist gets on average. Here they are:

1. Average Salary

First of all, we want to share with you the amount of the average salary for the information technology specialist. Thus, for you who work in a certain company or employ the specialist in your company, you can estimate the amount of it. Well, for the average salary for this specialist, it is $54,839. However, the amount of salary can be more or less than the average salary. It is based on the company and the job that you do. Also, your skill and determination will affect the amount of the salary as well.

2. Bonus

In the case of information technology specialist salary, you need to know that there will be a bonus for certain specialist. Besides the main salary, all specialists will get an extra bonus from their company. It can happen to those who work well and give the best service to the company. The average bonus that they will get is $1,954. The specialist mostly gets that amount for the bonus. However, they can get more. It can reach $9,685. It is wonderful, isn’t it? So, there will be so many dollars you will get if you can be a professional person for this career.

3. Profit sharing

Besides getting a bonus, it is possible for you to also get profit sharing from this job. The amount of this profit is not far from the bonus. You will get $1,592 for the profit sharing on average. For the lucky ones that can do the job very well, they can get the profit sharing up to $7,579. It is a fantastic amount of profit sharing.

4. Commission

The last, in relation to the information technology specialist salary, you will get a commission by doing this career. The commission you will get is more than the amount in the bonus and profit sharing. How much is the amount of commission? You need to know that the average salary for the commission is $11,792. Even, it can reach $30,100. In this matter, the commission is the most favorite salary to wait after the main salary for this information technology specialist.

Well, that is all about the information technology specialist salary we can share with you. Hopefully, it can become a good reference for you.

Some Matters in the Information Technology Resumes

Some Matters in the Information Technology Resumes

When we talk about the information technology resumes, what do you think about that? Actually, the resume of information technology can give you some brilliant ideas in writing your resume. Besides, you have to recognize some matters that should be there in your resume of the information technology. However, before discussing it further, let’s talk about information technology first.

information technology resumes

As we know that the industry of information technology includes the career field which is the best and the fastest growing. On the other hand, it is also a pleasant career at the present time. In information technology, you are able to find some attractive work areas. Have you known them, guys? Well, they are the website management, technical support, coding, information security, and so on.

The important matters in the information technology resume

In relation to the information technology resumes, you are very suggested to pay attention to this following discussion. In writing a resume, there are some important matters which should be there in it. Can you guess it? If you do not know it at all, we are going to tell you about it. So, don’t worry! Here are the matters that you have to write on a resume.

1. Technical skills

When you write the information technology resumes, the first thing that you have to write is technical skills. In this requirement, there are some field areas which are available. They can be security, reverse engineering, networking, and operating systems.

2. Professional experience

In this second matter, we just offer one field which is the security professionals. You need to know that they have some main jobs. The first job is monitoring the systems of multiple security for 500 companies. Then, the second job is investigating some accidents. And the last job is having the documentation of the daily security events.

3. Technology smarts

The third matter in writing the information technology resumes is the technology smarts. A network operations center monitoring technician is available in it. This technician has to do some tasks like increasing the system of subsisting documentation and the communication systems. Besides, it also investigates the alerts and operates in the environment of a data center.

4. Chicago government

They have some primary jobs like monitoring the filters of email spam, observing the IDS sensors, and presenting the depth forensic. Besides, they also investigate the security incidents which are various.

5. Education

In this case, we need an associate degree in information security. Because of this matter is very significant for having a job, especially in the information technology field, what you have to do? Yeah, you have to pay attention to your education. So, you should fulfill the requirements which are needed.

Well, those are the five significant matters which should be there in the information technology resumes. Thus, if you want to write a resume ideally and perfectly, what will you do? Yeah, that’s right. You are very suggested to list, write, and include those five matters above in your resume. Have a good try!

Information Technology High School brings the Graduation to the Benefit Companies

Information Technology High School brings the Graduation to the Benefit Companies

Are you a student from junior high school or parents who are looking for the new high school for your kid? Well, anyone is not a problem because the important thing is that you have the same goal. The Information Technology High School will be the new way to your brighter future. It is the quality school in 21-16 44th Road Long Island City, New York, Long Island City, New York 11101 United States. Certainly, you include the luckiest people if you success to enter the school later.

Information Technology High School

Know Closer about The Information Technology High School

Information Technology High School established in 2003 with the first graduation in 2007. Up to now, the school has been running with many principals where Jeffrey Levin was the first. At the first school year, Nora Lee Montemerano replaced him but she got sick after the first year of her leadership. Then, the vice principal Joseph Reed changed her during the medical treatment. In the five school year, she resigned and Dr. Nancy Casella came as the Interim Acting principal. Dr. Casella had been leading the school for two years before Ms. Patricia Martin. Then, Joseph Reed became principal in September 2012 and the school has gone through many changes both negative and positive.

Okay, that is a bit history of the school where it has experienced many events. Additionally, the school opens for the public with Red on Black and White as the school color. It consists of 9 to 12 grade with 28 students for each class. The school has many sports programs such as basketball, baseball, bowling, fencing, wrestling, football, volleyball, cross country, and indoor and outdoor track. Even though, most of them are not as popular as basketball and football in the early school years:

1. Basketball

Even though there were often coaching changes, it has the most successful team in their playoff games. Head Coach Jose Ferrer, at this time, holds the longest tenure who lead the boy’s varsity team for the playoffs. They never win final indeed but they had many successes. Meanwhile, Head Coach Geoff Serrano brought the Girls varsity basketball team to the playoffs game.

2. Football

Football has also given successful as school achievement. Even, it has been recognized as a predominant contender in the PSAL Cup Division since early 2006 inception. The Blackhawks as the name’s team has the number one range for the team’s defense. Even though, it never reached the playoff games in 2009-2010 and stop at the semi-final game with Automotive High School (20-0). David became the Assistant Head Coach for the 2011-2012 season and now He is currently the head coach.

By the way, those are a bit flashback and introduction about the school where it has been rapidly growing. There are lots of programs for the students and the parents which easy access every time. Actually, the Information Technology High School has four IT specialists in their learning. It is such as web design, video production, Cisco systems, or Apple systems. Apparently, some graduates get certification to work as Cisco or Apple technicians.

They may get college credit through the current IT course. Some graduations with CTE (Career and Technical Education) Diploma even able to take Advanced Placement classes. In addition, Information Technology High School offers to learn for the student with special needs. During the course, they spend most of the day with their normal peers. Fantastic!

Information Technology Management Salary in the United States

Information Technology Management Salary in the United States

In the US, there are some kinds of salaries that are interesting to discuss. The information technology management salary is one of them that we will share with you. By knowing the salary for that profession, you can know how much you should get if you become a manager in that field. Or, you will know how much salary you should spend to pay for the employer if you were the owner of the business. Thus, everything will be clear after you know the general salary for this case.

information technology management salary

Kinds of information technology management salary in several states of the US

Talking about the information technology management salary in the US, we want to tell the kinds of it in several big states. What are they? Here is the list of the kinds of salary for information technology management in the US.

1. San Jose, California

This state has the highest salary for the information technology management. The salary that should be spent on this management reaches $190,190. It is a very high salary for the manager of information technology. That is why this salary becomes the highest one in the US.

2. San Francisco

The second highest information technology management salary in the US comes from San Francisco. Do you know the salary should be spent on this management? If you never know about it, we will tell you then. The salary for this information management technology is $184,290. It is not far from the salary in California. So, it is what you will get and spend in relation to this management.

3. New York City

New York City is one of the most famous states in the US. In the case of IT management salary amount, this state is under California and San Francisco. The salary for this management in New York City is $176,780. It is a little bit far from the amount of salary in the two states mentioned above.

4. Newark, New Jersey

The fourth rank of information technology management salary in the US comes to Newark, New Jersey. You need to know that the amount of salary for the information technology management in this state is low. It can be so because when we compare the salary in this state to the top three states above, it is far. The salary for the management of information technology in this state is $166,940. It is so far from the top, the salary in California, isn’t it?

5. Framingham, Massachusetts

Framingham, Massachusetts state completes the top five of the highest salary for information technology management in the US. The amount of salary for this case in this state is not so far from the salary in New Jersey. It is only a little bit less than what happens in New Jersey. Yes, the management salary of information technology in this state is $165,300. With this amount, it makes this state put in the top five highest salary of the information technology management in the US.

Well, that is all about the information technology management salary in the US we can share with you. So, you can compare the salaries and understand the amount of management salary for information technology in those big states in the US.

The Best PhD in Information Technology

The Best PhD in Information Technology

What is PhD in Information Technology? 

PhD in information technology includes research on business, economic, and organizational implications of digital technology and information. Students gain an understanding of the underlying technologies and principles of information theory, in addition to their economic and organizational implications.

PhD in Information Technology

Research in this area focuses on developing digital economies, how organizations and markets have changed, and new business models. IT is multidisciplinary and includes economics, management science, computer science, psychology, and organizational behavior. Some concentrations in this field include information systems, information security, software engineering, digital forensics, and information and technology sciences.

Job for Graduates of PhD in Information TechnologyGraduates with a PhD in Information Technology receive experience working with faculty mentors, doing original research, and working on unsolved and difficult problems. Students acquire investigative skills and develop quantitative skills. Moreover, they are able to create new applications and form theories that further advance the field.

PhD candidates often display outstanding research and analytical skills. Students can identify, evaluate and synthesize research results to solve complex problems and communicate sophisticated concepts. Interpersonal and planning skills can help individuals in their personal lives and in their current careers.

Having education for PhD in Information Technology spending various costs depending on the university, the length of the program taken, and the country where you study. If you want to learn more about it, you can contact the agency’s admissions office. You can ask about the program fees.

Careers for someone who complete doctoral programs are very competitive in traditional PhD arenas, such as the position of administrator or professor at the highest academic level. Researchers in the medical and health industry may be interested, with opportunities for progress. The nonprofit sector has opportunities ranging from policy makers to fundraising.

Prospects of the carriers for PhD in Information Technology are geared towards preparing graduates for teaching and research careers in higher education. In addition to the academic environment, graduates have become senior consultants, system administrators such as systems lead analysts, IT directors, vice presidents of the IT department, and chief information officers. In addition to colleges and universities, positions can be found in companies, technology companies, health organizations, IT consulting companies, and government agencies.

Online studies offer excellent and available educations opportunities for you. It is prepared for all humans in the world. So, no matter where you are in the world, you can take the studies. You can search for your program. Then you can directly contact the admission of the office of the school that you choose. Lastly, filling in the form and you are ready to study.

Producing a PhD in Information Technology can launch successful careers in new industries and increase income potential. Accredited programs are available at universities around the world and online. Search for your program below and contact the school admission office of your choice by filling in the main form.

This is your choice to make your future better. There are many carriers can you get if you take PhD in Information Technology. Do not waste your chance. Everyone can be a professional PhD in information technology. Make your fees better in your future by being a PhD in IT.

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