Applying Information Technology Disaster Recovery Planning to save your business

Applying Information Technology Disaster Recovery Planning to save your business

No one is happy and expects a disaster to come but humans are never able to prevent it. Even, it comes suddenly and does not care whether they are ready to face it. The effect of the disaster not only hot the human but also the business. Besides that, the effect it is traumatic which need recovery soon. Certainly, it is similar to the organization that gets the big loss but they must revive again. Nowadays, there is an information technology disaster recovery planning (IT DRP) which is ready to build or keep your business again.

information technology disaster recovery planning

What is Information technology Disaster Recovery Planning (IT DRP)?

Information technology disaster recovery planning is the system which will save your business. This system gives security when the disaster coming. Definitely, you should own this system before it happens. Besides that, the goal of the IT DRP are:

1. Minimize business operations disorder

2. Minimize the delays risk

3. Ensure the security level

4. Ensure reliable backup systems

5. Help the restoration of operations with speed

The system gets the resources from:

· Computer Security Resource Center: National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the Computer Security Division Special Publications.

· Guide Contingency Planning for Federal Information Systems: NIST Special Publication 800-34 Rev. 1

· Guide to Exercise Programs, Training, and Test, for IT Capabilities and Plans: NIST Special Publication 800-84

· Building a Training and Security Awareness Program for information technology: NIST Special Publication 800-50

The recovery strategy of an information system is to keep all component such as software, hardware, connectivity, and data. The disaster also means that you lost one of them and the recovery should grow to anticipate it with below:

A. Computer room environment: The room secures with climate, condition, and backup power supply control.

B. Hardware: servers, networks, desktop, wireless devices, laptop computers, and peripherals

C. Connectivity: It needs wireless, fiber, cable, or the others to a service provider

D. Software applications: It includes data interchange, electronic, electronic mail, office productivity, enterprise resource management etc.

E. Data and restoration

Well, below are the information technology disaster recovery planning or steps:

ü Create a Disaster Recovery Team

ü Perform Risk Assessment

ü Prioritize Operations and Processes

ü Data Collection

ü Reacting the Disaster Recovery Planning

ü Testing the Plan

In fact, not all companies are able to buy this system because it needs a big budget. Even though, there are still other plans for this case with:

1. Internal recovery strategy: make backup data.

2. Supporting recovery strategy vendor: use vendor which providing “hot site” to disaster recovery.

3. Improve the IT disaster recovery planning: Improve with compiling the hardware inventory.

4. Data backup: Data backup and recovery should exist because data can be lost.

5. Data backup development: Backing Up your identify data with the other information and hard copy records

Data backup option: Large capacity USB, tapes, and cartridges can be the choice of data backup. It must be storage such as the original data.

In fact, providing information technology disaster recovery planning is a must. This system really protects your business from permanent damage. If you do not have much budget, those options keep giving the best security to your business.

One Step Closer with the US Information Technology Co to Develop your Business

One Step Closer with the US Information Technology Co to Develop your Business

Introduce an Information Technology Co from in Falls Church, VA and it gets support service in Marietta, GA, Houston, TX and Raleigh, NC. What company is it and why you must know it? It is the partner of IBM Business in IBM mainframe technology. The company serves through various products such as software and hardware services. Federal and Agencies including the Department of Defense are their customer focus. Their portfolio coverage integration, zVSE, zLinux, zVM, and zOS. What else is interesting about this company?

information technology co

Information Technology Co from the US has many Clients

Well, let’s start exploring the US Information Technology Co from the history. The firm with the acronym of ITC established 15 years ago in 1993 by three people who possessed extensive experience with IBM. By the way, the expert on the systems design, development, mainframe technology engineering, implementation, and sales. In 1994, the company makes a corporation with IBM Fellow Department with aims are:

1. New technology expansion and application

2. Transform OEM to license IBM P/370 technology and unload the mainframe process to x86 based platforms

3. Improve a unique PCM solution independently. It is for the customers which need cheaper mainframe for enterprise processing.

Since that time, ITC grows as the mainframe services organization all over the world. It also distributes AGILE development workstations and the compatible server appliances of IBM zSeries mainframe. Besides that, they still offer management services and a full set of mission-critical data center design. Then, the offering services are:

IBM OS system support

· zSeries configuration specialists

· Linux implementation experts

· data center management

· operations and modernization

· enterprise architecture design


· mainframe security assessment

· forensic analysis

Another feature of the company is when using organizational skill properly. They are able to establish procedure and policies to guide the data center and IT enterprise effectively. As your information, the Information Technology Co has been helping many organizations both commercials and government. They succeeded to minimize Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and maximize IT resources. Here are the clients that feel the benefits of ITC:


· United States Bureau of Land Management (BLM)

· United States Department of the Air Force

· United States Department of the Army

· United States Department of Education

· United States Department of the Interior

· United States Department of the Navy

· United States Department of the Treasury

· United States Federal Home Loan Bank (FHLB)

· United States Government Accountability Office (GAO)

· United States National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB)

· The United States Virgin Islands Department of Labor


· Artesian Water Company

· Central Florida Educators Federal Credit Union (CFEFCU)

· Cisco Systems Inc.

· Computer Associates, Inc.

· Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC)

· Compuware

· EMC Corporation

· United States Federal Home Loan Bank (FHLB)

· Federal Home Loan Bank (FHLB)

· FIS Global

· General Dynamics

· Hitachi Data Systems


· Long Beach Unified School District

· McAfee, Inc.

· Marmon/Keystone Corporation

· Princeton University

· Quest Diagnostics Inc.

· SRA International, Inc.

· The Washington Convention Center

· The World Bank

Actually, what is the purpose of the discussion about Information Technology Co today? The purpose is to inform you in case you have a business enterprise. You can entrust your venture to them and develop better.

Dreaming through a Business Information Technology program from renowned universities

Dreaming through a Business Information Technology program from renowned universities

Do you have the plan to explore your skill in business information technology? Realize your dream soon with BSc Hon from the University of Kent. The class opens in this September with many vacant chairs. How to register for the class? Well, be patient for a while please because this article has given the information below. Alongside that, this article still owns another university as a reference. Now, your duty is quite reading and perceiving it properly.

business information technology

The 2 most famous Universities for Your Business Information Technology Program

Firstly, the article exposes the business information technology from BSc Hon. There are many reasons why most people choose this school as their program. BSc Hon has two main options for the student such as one year in industry and IT consultant. The first program asks you to work in the industry for one year. Here, you not only get experience but also salary. Besides that, you prefer to get the opportunity to work in the same company after graduation. Meanwhile, IT consultant offers you to be a consultant by providing computing support. You will practice it with the local business while reach credit for the degree.

Secondly, the program comes from the University of TWENTE that offers a Master’s Degree. The master degree program makes you expert in IT-based business innovation. You also able to design a new service and improve the business performance. You just need two years to complete the lesson where the lecturers teach you in the English version. Below is the information about the program:

1. It takes a full-time program

2. The course starts on September 1, 2018, February 1, 2019, and September 1, 2019

3. The location of the university is in Drienerlolaan 5, 7522 NB Enschede, The Netherlands

4. The university does not apply numerous Linux and it has NVAO for the accreditation

The focus and discipline of the university are quite various. Master Degree program covers business analytics, enterprise architecture, and IT management and innovation. The University also offers IT architectures, big data, e-business, design and project management, also business process modeling. Learning how to redesign organizations and IT coherent way is still part of this program. The aim is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of organizations.

Business information technology here gives the computer science and business management though experienced researchers. You also get the opportunity to perform research assignments in Finance, Logistics or Health, amongst others. Well, here are the specializations:

1. IT Management & Innovation

2. Enterprise Architecture

3. Data Science & Business

Such as you know, IT major always has a wider career than the other jobs. Even, the presence of IT in business will get rid of IT potential and business needs. Consulting, research, and government become the demand in an industry where it increases even further in the years to come. Why should you choose both universities? The answer is just simple where both own professional trainers or lecturers. On the other hand, you also do not need to query the facility and the service of the university again. Now, define your resolve and achieve your goals to develop your talent here. Business information technology learning programs from these two places are ready to make your dreams come true.

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