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Netgear cm 1200 is a modem or internet router that has been released in 2022. The use of modems has always been increasing on-demand around, and with this comes new interesting technology. It is Netgear CM1200, brand new released in 2022, and also comes with one of the best features as a multi-gig modem. It has a lot of amazing features as well specifications that we will discuss further down below.

Now, we are going to give you Netgear cm1200 reviews and recommendations. As always, our review here is made purely subjective and honest reviews without any embellishment. We would discuss this modem in an honest review, reviewing its pros and cons, advantages, prices, specs, and tech, and after that, we will discuss our final thought.

So, without further ado, let’s jump into our Netgear cm1200 reviews, pros and cons, specs, and recommendations. Is this modem worth your money? And how well this modem does compare with provided modem from ISP, or any other competitor modem and router?

Netgear CM1200 Specs and Tech

First, we will take a look at its technology and specifications. Here are the specs you will get for this modem:

  • Modem tech: DOCSIS 3.1 version
  • Downstream and upstream: 32 x 8
  • Maximum Data Transfer Speeds: For up to 2Gbps
  • Available ports: Capable for 4 Gig Ethernet slots
  • Suitable Service pack: best for 1 Gbps
  • Ram: 256 MB
  • NAND Memory: 128 MB
  • Price: $149.99 on Amazon

For a modem that was released in 2022, as a medium to high-end modem, it offers a high-speed internet boost, with specs considered as the best Multi-gig slots modem in the market right now. Competitively, this modem is way better than any standard modem that will be rented out when using an ISP.

So, if you have this at home, you don’t need to rent any more modems from ISP, because this modem does its job way better than renting out a modem. However, it is very pricey though, with the price range of $150 on a marketplace like Amazon. So, it is a choice for you who wants a better, and high-end modem for your home, and don’t mind the budget.

Netgear CM1200 Pros and Cons Review

For its pros and cons for Netgear CM1200, since this modem is specifically designed as a multi-gig Ethernet modem, there are no built-in routers for this modem, so you will have to install the add-on for this modem, such as a portable router. The specs, however, are designed for high-speed internet, and its tech and specs are future-proof. What it means as future-proof is, that this modem tech will still be relevant for a while.


  • DOCSIS 3.1 ver, future-proof modem connectivity
  • Support any DOCSIS 3.0 fallback, and update
  • IPv6 compatibility
  • Improved configuration resulting in better traffics prioritization
  • Multi-ISP compatibility
  • 4 Gig, Multi Internet Ports, capable to connect for several demanding devices


  • High price
  • Not suitable for small houses
  • Kind of wasted potential if you have slow, and cheap internet from ISP
  • No built-in router

Our Final Thought

With the price of $150, this modem comes with the best, most secure, and fastest internet connections modem, capable of supporting many demanding devices, able to connect with many devices such as smart tv, pc, smart home devices, and many more.

It also comes with DOCSIS ver3.1 which has better, more reliable internet connectivity. It is considered a future-proof modem for now, and buying this modem will become relevant for a while now.

From our perspective, however, this modem has its cons, with no built-in router. It is also not suitable for small houses, with a limited internet plan.

So, to conclude our Netgear cm1200 reviews, this modem is one solid choice if you are looking for a device that has high-end specs, and you don’t mind with a router as its specifications.

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