Mi TV Stick – Android TV Review

Mi TV Stick – Android TV Review

Recently I bought a Mi TV Stick an Android TV device to make your old TV (not smart TV) become Android TV. The first time I quite confuse with the term Android TV, but later found out that it refers to a device that aggregates various media apps and services. For example, you can play Youtube, Netflix, Prime Video, install a game, connect various Bluetooth accessories like Speaker, Joystick, etc, at the same time. It is also built-in with Google Assistant and Chromecast.

Mi TV Stick Specification

I got this information from the Mi website because I didn’t get this information form the box

Output Resolution. 1080P (1920×1080@60fps)
CPU. Quad-core Cortex-A53.
Storage. 8GB.
GPU. ARM Mali-450.
Operating System. Android 9.0


1. A TV or monitor with HDMI port, optional a USB port

Yes, you need an empty HDMI port on your TV, to plug the Mi TV Stick on your TV. The device needs power that can come from a USB port on your TV, if you don’t have a USB port, then you can use an adaptor that comes with the TV stick.  So the USB port is optional.

2. Wireless internet connection at minimum 10 Mbps

You also will need a wireless internet connection at a minimum speed 10 Mbps for the sake of smooth play of streaming video. The higher the internet speed the better.

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What’s included in the box?

Mi TV Stick

mi stick

Plugged into your TV or monitor using HDMI port. It came with HDMI extension cable in case you have very narrow space to attach Mi Stick to the TV directly, you can use cable. I use a regular mouse size as a comparison size.

Bluetooth Voice remote

mi stick remote control

The device will interact intensely with you, it’s your command center. You can use voice command, thanks to Google Assistant, but it a little bit slower to process your voice command. The remote control and the TV stick communication is via Bluetooth so you don’t have to point the remote to the TV stick directly.

Power adaptor

mi stick adaptor

If your TV or monitor doesn’t have a USB port you will use this adaptor to power up the device. In my case, I don’t use this because still have an empty USB port on the TV that I can use.


With all the great features above you can do many things to entertain yourself and your family, while my purpose is to reduce my son’s eyes from starring at a little display from the smartphone that can cause fatigue and other potential health problem in the long run.

As the result is now my son dominate our only TV to play his favorite Youtube channel and this is achieved my goal but we as a parent now very rare use the TV, but that’s OK with me 🙂

What I like

I like many aspects of this little device

1. Chromecast – This device also acts as your screencast device it means you can send any screen from your gadget to the TV.

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2. Voice command – sometimes I use voice command to open the app instead of using the menu. “Open Youtube” and it will open Youtube without shifting the keys on the remote control. Using voice command will make your remote control keys last longer, so this is a good practice to use voice command as many as we can.

3. Able to connect to many Bluetooth accessories – Right now I connect a JBL wireless speaker and iPega Joystick to the TV stick, later I will also buy a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse (not wireless that has a pair dongle).

What I don’t like

I probably need to buy a second TV for myself

What is the price

I almost forgot to mention the price. I bought it at IDR 435K,  about USD31.5 this is cheap compared to a new smart TV.

The verdict

This another best buy device that makes my life easier. You should have this too 🙂

Buy the Mi TV Stick from Amazon


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