Let’s See the Distinction of Information Technology VS Computer Science

In this developing era, there will be some matters which are interesting to discuss. The two of them are information technology and computer science. Those matters have the great role in certain business. So, in this good opportunity, let’s compare information technology vs computer science seen in several same cases.

information technology vs computer science

The distinction of information technology vs computer science in the same cases

To discuss the difference between information technology vs computer science in the same cases will give a clear distinction between them. Here are the differences between them that we will share with you.

1. How every field uses a computer

There is the difference between those two great matters in relation to how they use a computer. In the field of information technology, you can see the degree holders of its work. It tends to work in roles in which they are responsible for a design, configuration and also maintenance of servers and network hardware. While for the degree holders of computer science, it works in the jobs that focus more on the software development and programming. So, those are the clear distinction between them seen from how they use a computer.

2. Job outlook

In the case of information technology vs computer science, the difference between them can be seen from their job outlook. The job titles in the information technology, there are computer support specialist, network administrator, network architects, and computer systems manager. It is different from the job outlook in the computer science. In the computer science, the job titles consist of software application developer, computer systems analyst, web developer, and computer programmer.

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3. Salary information

The third same case that can show the distinction between information technology vs computer science is a salary information. Firstly, let’s see the salary for every job title in the information technology. It is the median annual salary each job title gets. The computer support specialist gets $52,160, network administrator gets, $79,700, network architects get $101,210, and computer systems manager gets $135,800.

After we see the salary information of information technology, now, let’s see the salary which every job title gets in the computer science. It is also based on the median annual salary. The software applications developer get $102,280, computer systems analyst gets $87,220, web developer gets $66,130, and the computer programmer gets $79,840. From those cases, you can see the difference between them clearly in relation to the salary information for every job title.

4. Skills needed

The skills needed for both information technology and computer science are also different. In the information technology, every employee needs to master technical support/ troubleshooting, Microsoft products, SQL, project management, Cisco, Linux, and network engineering. Besides, the employer of information technology seeks workers that can master hardware and software installation, VMware, and also switches and routers.

While in the computer science, the employers commonly seek the workers that master Java, SQL, JavaScript, Microsoft C#, Linux, Oracle, and Python. Then, people who can handle NET programming, C++, and Object-oriented analysis and design are preferred to work in the computer science. So, the information technology and computer science are clearly different seen from the skills needed.

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Well, those are the distinctions of information technology vs computer science as seen from the same cases. Which is better? Just look at the facts above to answer such a question by yourselves.

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